4th of July Wedding Celebration


Mistyrose and Keith held a 4th of July wedding celebration this past weekend at Veelle’s Idyllic Park.  Close friends and family members gathered around underneath a canopy of trees to witness the couple exchange their wedding vows.  Off in the near distance, the gentle sounds of water trickling down the stream could be heard.  With a rustic saloon used for serving drinks, a covered pavilion area for the reception, and shabby chic details throughout, Mistyrose and Keith created the perfect setting for their wedding celebration.

To honor the 4th of July holiday and their guests’ schedules, the couple concluded their wedding celebration in time for everyone to head off to see fireworks.  We re-connected in Canby to witness a fantastic fireworks display.  We virtually had front row seats for the fireworks display and used the opportunity to capture some incredibly fun photos of the couple enjoying their first day as husband and wife.

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