A Beautiful Ceremony Exit

Deyla Huss Photography Vineyard Wedding

The Ceremony Exit- Portland Wedding Photographer Deyla Huss Photography

There is something about the ceremony exit that hasto be one of my favorite moments to capture of the day. Is it the “feeeew we did it!” look on their faces? or the “Im so excited to be yours for real” feeling they have? ok yes but many more reasons! This photo above is from one of my favorite weddings in Troutdale, Oregon at the brides¬†¬†beautiful family home, vineyard, orchards, ponds, you name it! it was stunning and what a place to grow up! This gorgeous couple planned it perfectly for their exit, they had to walk down the aisle (that went up a slight hill) and right through the vineyard. I captured this right when they passed the final guest with that sun shining down on them and that happy jolt of the grooms head as he looks up while holding her hand and then pulls her in for a kiss. I love it! Oh happy day!

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!

Deyla Huss Photography