The Joys of a Winter Engagement

Now that the craziness of the winter holidays is coming to a close and 2014 has officially begun, many newly-engaged people will be sitting down to plan a wedding for the upcoming summer. Because of the chilly springs in the Pacific Northwest, many couples will consider postponing or even opting out of engagement sessions entirely because of the necessity to bundle up to weather the weather. Don’t be so quick to brush off a winter or spring engagement session, though! Winter and early spring light comes from a lower place in the sky and is more likely to be flattering than the high-in-the-sky light of our long summer days. Cloudy skies can lend themselves not only to beautiful, face-caressing light, but, as in the case of Cassie and Johnny’s engagement portrait above, can make for rich landscapes that are full of depth and emotion.

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Mhari Scott | Portland Wedding Photographer