Wedding Photography

rebekah-johnson-photography__wedding-ring Truly all men want a wedding ring. Right? You know you do. You know these dudes have been fantasizing about their awesome weddings since they were old enough to spell dinosaur. Well, maybe not: but they sure knew how to “assume the position” for this shot without much, if any, coaxing on my part.

Josh and Andrea had a few specific photo requests. They wanted me to recreate a few staged shots that they had ¬†found in the wedding albums of their parents. I do believe this was one such. The other one was of Josh trying to run away while his best man tries forcefully to hold him back. (Was that a must have shot in the 70′s?) Anyway, that recreation was kind of a dud because Josh was too happy, he couldn’t stop smiling, he just couldn’t get into character. Wasn’t distressed at all, likely because he was, truly thrilled to be getting married.


I draw the line at colored in flowers on black and whites or super imposing your soulful future forward faces in the champagne glass.

Rebekah Johnson Photography