Members of the Wedding

I was looking thru some old files today  (gotta keep an eye on those hard drives) and came accross this photo of these sisters, while it caught my eye, I  could only remember a few things about them, like that, like many kids they were shy with the photographer early on in the day, but by the end they were happy friends with my lens, if not all out camera hogs. What I thought about mostly when I saw this is how these girls must now be well into their teens and quite grown up. I think this image captures three seperate personalities nicely; they were well on there way to being who they are now. It made me happy that they have this image to look back on. It made me even happier to remember that they made a print of it. A hard copy. And, maybe even a  digital copy on a hard drive.

If you love it; print it.

Rebekah Johnson Photography