Start at the Beginning

To tell the complete story of any wedding day, it’s important to begin when the bride and her bridesmaids gather to start getting ready. Hannah and her bridesmaids started their day early and had a lot of laughs and hugs while applying makeup, hairspray and nail polish. Some of the best memories – and moments – from Hannah’s wedding day took place during that 3 hour getting ready session. If the couple had hired me to only shoot the ceremony and reception, the complete story and memories from that loving morning would be lost forever. When brides and grooms are looking to control their budget they often eliminate the few hours of preparation before the ceremony. While sticking to your budget is important, I often suggest eliminating an album or prints from any option instead of hours of shooting during the day. Once you have pictures, you can always buy albums a year or two later. But without complete coverage, there are no photos to put in that album or look at 20 years down the road. To see more fun moments from the start of the day, check out