3 Reasons to Choose a Photographer that is Part of a Network

KristieWeddingEyes3 Reasons to Choose a Networked Photographer


1) Your Photographer has an emergency plan

2) Your photographer is staying on top of current trends and expectations in the in industry

3) The Industry Can Vouch That Your Photographer Is an Established Professional


1) Your photographer has an emergency plan:

Remember: Photographers are people too! (Photographers in a network have professionals on standby to ensure that clients have reliable and professional replacements if need be.)

One simple fact that is often overlooked is the question:Does your photographer have an emergency plan if that one in a million chance should arise and they would not be able to photograph on your scheduled wedding date.

A photographer that is part of a working Network such as My Portland Photographer has options available if they would be unable to, for any reason, shoot your wedding. Let me explain this better in an example. Juli and myself had an off season wedding scheduled for January 3rd of the the new year, just last weekend as a matter of fact! We were scheduled to photograph the Rehearsal dinner at the Punch Bowl Social the night before and our 3 year old daughter became very sick. Not, oh you need to go to sleep sick but something scarier and more serious… Juli and I shot the rehearsal event but when we returned home it was very clear, as a paramedic as well as a photographer, that our daughter needed to go to the Emergency room… and quick. Juli shot out a text and asked the My Portland Photographer network if anyone would be available to shoot the wedding if our little girl got worse. There were multiple replies from wonderful professionals from the network that were more than willing to help. Our 3 year old, Anni, was admitted to the hospital and facing the possibility of a difficult and risky neck surgery to remove a serious infection. We knew that if she had to undergo surgery, we could not shoot the wedding event. At 11:30 am on the day of the wedding, just one hour before we were scheduled to start shooting the wedding, the Doctor walked in and stated that he did not feel the surgery was needed any longer but he wanted her hospitalized for treatment. Luckily, Nana was watching the kids for the weekend and she is an RN… which means that we were able to shoot the wedding… but the fact is, if we had to be at the hospital and were unable to shoot the wedding, there were 3 photographers on stand by… even 1 hour prior to the start, that would have done a wonderful and professional job in our stead! We had no doubt that our client would have been in great hands!


2) Your photographer is staying on top of current trends and expectations in the in industry:

Photographers in a network are constantly communicating about current trends and demands in the photography market.

A network of photographers is a sounding board… if a photographer or a client has a question, there is a network of current professionals there at all times to field questions on a variety of photography and general wedding subjects. A network shares client concerns and demands in a non-competitive and supportive environment that allows the product of photography (what the client gets when it is all over) to remain more than relevant, but inspiring! A well intentioned network is more than a group of photographers that enjoy each others work, they are the current pulse of an industry!


3) The Industry Can Vouch That Your Photographer Is an Established Professional

The photography market is flooded with photography companies that have little or no real world experience!

We live in a world where anyone can buy a camera, purchase a website template and upload a few nice wedding shots that may have gotten at their best friends wedding a few months ago and start their new career as a wedding photographer! A wedding is a challenge for any photographer regardless of skill level and is not an event to take lightly. There is not only often a lack of available light or even poor lighting conditions, but there is a high stress clientele that that needs to be soothed by the fact that their wedding photographer has seen it all before and will be able to ensure them beautiful, timeless images amidst the chaos! After all… you can’t gather everyone up after the ceremony and say… “Okay everyone, lets just do the kiss one more time!” A wedding demands a high level of skill, motivation and ingenuity! The Attitude that wedding imagery is not only taken, but CREATED! Wedding imagery is a partnership between the client and the professional… working together with trust to capture the personality and beauty of a momentous occasion!

This is a stunning image image of Kristie captured at the Sentinel Hotel. Makeup was done by Nicole at Powder Inc!  .

We are forever thankful for the wonderful professionals in the My Portland Photographer network that allowed us to focus on our little girl and not worry about how we would take care of our wonderful client.

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