100 Degrees & Laughing


It was over 100 degrees, and Ellie was hot.  Really hot.  She had just finished with a ceremony in the full sun on the patio of the Columbia Edgewater Club, where even wearing white didn’t help.  The ceremony was PERFECT, but we were all roasting into puddles, desperately seeking shade for the family portraits.

We found shade, but it was still hot–so we took a break, and aired the bride out.  My fantastic partner in crime & second shooter, Michael, shot this of me as we used the dress as a giant fan.

These are some of my favorite moments.  Every wedding is so unique, every couple is so unique, and every day throws in its own set of adventures.  Stopping to take a moment and laugh about how ridiculously hot we all were, drink some water and punch, and reset before we continued–it totally made my day.



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