Oregon Golf Club Wedding

A fun Venezuelan wedding at the Oregon Golf Club

In Venezuela, there comes a time during a wedding when all fun breaks loose – this is the start of the La Hora Loca. It is a high energy way to move to the second part of the wedding – the dance party! It is a time where props come out, and everybody dances like crazy. Thanks to the props organized by Katy from Bridal Bliss, everybody was looking awesome and Pressure Point band, one of my favorite bands killed it with the music. The groom and bride jumped on the stage and Juan with the cow bell rocked the party! There were also tequeño served – super yummy! The father and daughter dance also took a whole new level with the props for the La Hora Loca!

At the start of the day, we did a quick first look utilizing the beautiful architecture of The Nines Hotel, and then went to the beautiful Oregon Golf Club. I love working there, as the staff is always amazing, and food is great as well.

And the wedding vendors we worked were all fantastic – special thanks to Crave Design who did a wonderful job with the stationary, Greenlight Creative – they are the best in special events lighting, Zest Floral with amazing and classy flowers, Powder Inc who of course did an amazing job for Margot!

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Beach Wedding Portraits

I have a theory that each one of us has a particular type of portrait that, when we see it, taps into something deeper inside of us. For me, this is a portrait that holds within it the notion that time is fleeting. I look at images like the one of Nicky, above, where the sun is shining and the wind is blowing her hair and her mind is elsewhere as she walks along the beach on her wedding day and I feel this warm, radiating sense of nostalgia. It’s a hard sensation to describe, but it incorporates so many emotions: an appreciation for the beautiful person that she is now; a bit of bittersweet sadness that this moment, the way we see it, will never happen again; a wistful longing to feel that sunshine and smell the salty air on a day that feels as if nothing could ever go wrong; and perhaps, strangest of all, a sense of being many, many years older, looking back on this image of a loved one and remembering everything that I treasured about her.

There’s a sense of movement to these images – a sense of time passing or emotions swelling or a unique life being lived that will never be lived this very same way again. These are the portraits that I am most susceptible to and enriched by. That’s where I feel the magic of the camera the most.

Mhari Scott | Wedding Photography for the Creative Soul

The bride dancing the night away at her wedding reception

As your wedding day flies by, you might start losing focus.  There are so many people to talk to and a ton of activity on every side.  As lights flash and blur around you, simply enjoy the moment!  Embrace the chaos and rest assured that we are capturing photographs at every turn.

It is so fun to look back at dancing photos and see the amazing (and sometimes silly) moments that the camera captured.  Every friend and family member on the dance floor is letting loose and going a little wild.

At Atelier Pictures we love to photograph the moments that fly by in a whirl of excitement.  Contact us to chat more about your wedding plans.

This a shot from a wedding out at the Evergreen Aviation Museum. This place is pretty awesome, and as of September of 2013 they have added a chapel that is very nice. This is a great place for a wedding with all kinds of photographic opportunities. This place also has a waterpark and a theater so you really could make a weekend of it with friends and guest. Kind of want to sign up myself.

Have a good one.

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Planning on having framed prints from your wedding reception? You have seen them… usually a nice portrait framed in a fat mat so that the guests can all sign it, right? Tiffany and Jon had this sweet little piece designed for them as a way to include their silly Corgis and their guests all in one place. The fingerprint inks were chosen for leaf colors and it was fun watching the guests decide where to place their leaves on the tree. If you like the idea, there is a Pinterest page with some cute ideas on fingerprint art. It’s a nice, modern version of the signing board.

The Nines Hotel made sure they had a good sized and carefully covered table stocked with cleaning wipes for after the prints… if you decide to set one of these up, make sure your guests can clean their fingers, ok?

Next time I go to Seattle, I’ll expect to see it hanging in their cute home. ;0)
I meet some of the nicest people in this work… these two were a lot of fun throughout the entire process!

Jamie Bosworth Photographer


Incredible dance moves at a wedding reception

Incredible dance moves at a wedding reception

Capturing the action at a wedding reception is one of the thrilling aspects of being a wedding photographer.  Amongst all the guests and everything that is going on, it is important to not only be observant but to sense the areas in which action is about to take place.  Ask any seasoned wedding photographer and they will tell you there is an element of anticipating the moment before it even occurs.  It’s almost like a sixth sense and with time and experience, it is a part of the craft of being a photographer that can really be enhanced.  It is the creative muscle of the wedding photographer for not being in the right place at the right time will mean that you miss the moment.  In order to capture it, you have to be there.

When guests create a circle on the dance floor, I make sure to get inside it.  It signifies that something is about to occur and most often it is individuals getting ready to show off their fanciest dance moves.  You have to admit, being able to hold one foot, jump in the air, and then cross your other foot up and through is quite impressive.  Sticking the landing is even more impressive.

Come capture the action with us at Paul Rich Studio.  You may just learn a few new dance moves.


Mark and JJ were married in Italy but wanted to share their union with a party for friends and family in Marks hometown of Portland. Here they are (relatively safe in the bike lane!) outside the Ace Hotel, where they held a fabulous family style dinner catered by Clyde Common. A slide show of the couples Italy experience played throughout the laughter filled evening. I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many unrehearsed spontaneous toasts for a couple who’s friends obviously delight in the fact these two found the perfect match in one another. Beautiful to witness, and yes, makes me love my job all the more!

Come see about me!

Rebekah Johnson Photography

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photography  MPP111714A
Often times, I look at wedding photos and see the work of a lot of serious photographers. I know they are serious because their subjects all look very serious. And, there are times at weddings to be serious. But the lasting, overall impression when a viewer looks at a wedding should be that of joy. No matter the circumstances, the one emotion that rings true throughout almost every wedding is the sense of happiness. When you have a chance to capture that joy during a wedding, it always makes me smile. I often times shoot a picture and realize I’m smiling! That’s a good sign. There was a lot of joy at Bethany and Jared’s Cumberland Island wedding. They are two people who express their emotions easily and they smile and laugh a lot. And what’s not to smile about? They are young and in love, getting married and beginning to share the journey of life together, and their wedding was in a breathtakingly beautiful location. There are so many things to make you smile on your wedding day. Hopefully, your photographer isn’t too busy looking for serious moments to see how happy the bride and groom are. To see more moments of joy, check out


The Silcox Hut is one of the most unique and incredible wedding venues for outdoor-loving couples in the Portland area.  It sits at roughly 7,000′ on the side of Mt. Hood, with Timberline Lodge twinkling below.  The summit of Mt. Hood is only 3,000′ above, and is an incredible backdrop for a ceremony.  The inside of the “hut” is a stone hall with many windows, beautifully lit and full of warmth and character.  Due to the intimacy of the setting, only just over 40 guests are allowed for weddings.  During the summer, you take a shuttle ride up the forestry trail to get there.  During the winter, you take a snow cat.

Megan & Eric were married there on a September evening.  The wind blew all around us, and the sunset glowed across the valley.  Mt. Jefferson is in the background here, across all the misty hills.  I love how Megan’s veil whips in the wind, and her Vera Wang peep toes sparkle from under her dress.  It was a glorious evening I’ll never forget.

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  • What a cool location! I love it. Great soft lighting as well. Very tender.

Wedding signature drink Deyla Huss Photography

© Deyla Huss Photography

Oh how I love myself a cocktail, especially a signature drink at weddings. Typically the signature wedding drink is a symbol of something that is special to them whether it be from their first date or a recipe they designed themselves to make their day even more unique. This couple above had a delicious signature drink at their lovely wedding at The Grand Lodge, and they hold it a secret and only the couple and the mixologist know the sweet sweet recipe of this beautiful drink. Giving your guests a choice of maybe two different special signature drinks to taste makes the wedding celebration ever so sweet.


Deyla Huss Photography

Gerding Theater wedding at the Armory photographed by

It will be a day unlike any other, they tell you. It’s going to fly by, or it’ll be over before you know it. Are you nervous? It’s the best day of your life.

If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll hear each of these phrases, oh maybe 1000 times? And if you’ve already married, you cringe when you hear each one. Such a cliche, amiright? The thing is? Sometimes they’re true. Mostly. Partly. It doesn’t matter.

The best thing you can do is find some time to be alone with your new spouse on the wedding day. Even if it’s only five minutes, it’s an anchor. A snippet of time in which you can simultaneously breathe together. And so when you look back on your wedding day, you won’t think it was a blur – you’ll remember those moments you took with each other and no one else.

Hannah and Stewart did this on their wedding day. They spent nearly the entire day in party mode and having a blast with friends and bouncing from place to place and energy and an icy drink in hand and talking with this aunt and that godfather… until their first dance. Their Gerding Theater wedding had guests upstairs for dinner, moving down for the dancing portion of the evening into the lobby. Situated in the lobby of The Armory where Portland Center Stage performs, it’s a unique venue. It allowed Stew and Hannah some time to walk downstairs alone for the first dance and begin before the majority of their guests realized the evening was transitioning. And it was marvelous, seeing them stare only at each other and take those moments to just be.


Authentic Wedding Imagery comes from authentic moments.  Raw emotion is genuine and powerful.  It is honest.  It is real.  Those are moments that memories are made of.

We were thrilled to photograph Lindy and Michael’s beautiful wedding.  Of course the grounds of Willamette Valley Vineyards are gorgeous, but what made this wedding truly stunning was the energy that Lindy and Michael shared with each other and with their family & friends.  Their love was evident in every glance, touch and smile.  Never were they concerned about where the camera was or how they thought they should appear.  They were fully present to experience each moment.  Their focus was on each other and on their honored guests.  Here is a moment with Lindy and Michael shortly after their ceremony.  Pure expressions of love and newlywed excitement.  They granted us artistic freedom and placed their full trust in us to capture their day which allowed us freedom to create.  These are very important factors in having honest, imagery that truly expresses you, your emotions, your relationships.  #1 – Be yourself.  #2 – Trust your photographers.  Genuine moments don’t stem from trying to recreate something you saw on Pinterest.  Instead, we suggest that you allow yourselves to trust the love in your heart and fearlessly share your emotions.  Be present and enjoy the moments of your day. Each time we hear our couples say that they feel like they are reliving their wedding day when they see their images, we smile because we know we have successfully achieved our goal.

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