Details on the Wedding Day

Don’t sweat the little details… That’s easy to say from a certain perspective, but when you are planning an even as significant as a wedding, it can be the details that really show your personality. Have fun with the planning process and make it as personal as you possibly can!

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Although every wedding is unique, some couples really push the boundaries of how nuptials are celebrated.  Raina and Michael put together the most incredible day for their closest family members.  Everyone gathered at the Red Lion Hotel at Jantzen Beach to capture portraits along the waterfront.  It was the perfect location for the couple’s first moment.

They then hopped into a limousine and drove out to Horsetail Falls for the wedding ceremony.  The cascading waterfall in the background made for an iconic Pacific Northwest outdoor wedding ceremony.  Then the plan was to head to a handful of scenic locations throughout the Portland area.  First stop was the Vista House at Crown Point.  That is where this image was captured overlooking the Columbia Gorge.  Raina requested that her guide dog be included in a number of portraits of her with her husband.  After all, the dog was clearly dressed for the occasion!

After the Vista House, we traveled to the SE esplanade area for photos overlooking downtown Portland and also worked our way to the International Rose Garden for the final destination of the day.  Raina and Michael’s wedding day celebration was a real treat to experience and a lot of fun to document.  There is no better way to appreciate the northwest than to take a tour with your closest family members.  It was a very memorable day filled with lots of laughter and love.

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That space between the church and the party… almost just the two of you in a really cool old car for a nice ride around the park! Back East, when I was growing up, there used to a thing called the Mystery Ride… essentially, after your vows you got whisked away by a friend for a special ride… not knowing where you might be going, only that the two of you were together in a mostly private setting for a little bit.

Rebecca and Jerry have this good friend, the man in the dapper hat, who was gracious enough to be their ride. An old dark green jewel like this really beats the regular sort of limo in my humble opinion. We had gotten permission to use a part of the grounds at the Pittock Mansion. We needed a place for the car that wasn’t going to look out of place and the Pittock had just such a space down by the teahouse. It would have been awesome to be up under the carriage way but that was not possible. That car brought some glamour to the romantic portraits… I loved how it helped set the mood.

Afterwards, I had the luck of being right behind them at this stoplight … a polite beep of my horn and they turned to look. I shot this through my windshield… thank goodness it was a long enough light since it was only me in my car! ;0)

Jamie Bosworth Photographer


On a beautiful, crazy-hot summer evening, Ellie & Javed held an intimate ceremony at the Columbia Edgewater Club in Portland.  Surrounded by friends from all over the world, their festivities lasted long into the evening.  Javed is from Jamaica, and Ellie is from Bulgaria.  The dancing was fantastic.

When I first met these two, they immediately enchanted me with all the traditions they planned to incorporate into their wedding.  For example, Bulgarian weddings are usually held on Sundays, the mothers feed the bride and groom bread and salt and honey, and many details symbolize good luck.  During their sand ceremony, both families had brought sand from Bulgaria and Jamaica to combine.  I loved every moment.  (Except, maybe, the 105-degree weather.)

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Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer 503.513.0550

Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer

When a bride and groom wanted to bring us to Lake Tahoe for their engagement session (where we’d return to later that year for the wedding), we were excited. It is a location that is hard to beat in terms of photo opportunities. Here is one of our favorite images from the session as it was winding down in the soft evening light.

Bridesmaids © juliana patrick photography Juliana Patrick Photography 503.318.5160

Bridesmaids and Belly Laughs © juliana patrick photography
Juliana Patrick Photography 503.318.5160

The belly laugh.

It actually makes me giggle to think about. There is something about a laugh and a smile that is so infectious. You just can’t help but to smile and join in when you hear the magic of laughter.  A true belly laugh and an uncontrolled snort…i mean..forget about it!   There is a distinct difference between a courtesy laugh and the belly laugh that comes from unbridled joy. These true feelings and emotions are what we search for. Our eyes and ears are constantly scanning for this honesty and when we can capture it, either a single image or in a series of frames, to tell the story of a person or a moment in time that can be re-lived, it brings great pleasure knowing that we have done our job.   Expressions and emotions of ones true self are so powerful.

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Unplugged portraits… besides being a word for a no-phone zone, it might also be the perfect word for the less orchestrated parts of a wedding day.

It’s always hard to get everyone in the same mood for a good group photo until someone, usually a small someone, begins to act up a little. In this case, our rabble rouser was the young one in the grey suit.

One last shot of the family before dinner. Right? We needed an easy place to do one with a late arriving grandmother. The dance floor at Abigail’s Garden was the perfect spot. Well, this group unplugged like professionals while we waited for grandma to get escorted over to us. The best part is that each person reacted so easily… the ones laughing rather than mugging just makes the mix better. We all knew that we had done plenty of the normal ones earlier… unplugged was just right. ;0)

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Kimberly and Brian were recently married at the Evergreen Chapel by the Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville, OR.  The location has some incredibly impressive aircraft on display as well as a beautiful open field with tall grass.  Kimberly loved the idea of having a portrait out in the field but didn’t want to have to walk too far in the tall grass.  Totally understandable right (especially when wearing a white wedding dress)?

Here is the great thing.  Being a professional wedding photographer, I know how the camera works and how perspective and camera angle can really alter the perception of a photograph.  The truth of the matter is that Kimberly and Brian are barely 3 feet into this field.  Immediately outside of the frame is the parking lot.  I had them step just a few feet into the grass and then clip the parking lot out of the lower part of the frame to make it disappear.  The result is the illusion that the couple is out in a giant field of grass.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky so by being out in the field, the couple was also in direct sunlight.  Typically direct sunlight is not the most flattering type of light for a portrait.  Plus, it oftentimes makes people squint when looking into the bright sun.  How do you fix this?  Well, have the couple close their eyes and kiss!

It’s this type of thinking and planning on the wedding day that allows for wonderful photos like these to be made.  At first glance, it’s a romantic image of a couple out in a field.  In reality, we walked over to the parking lot and stepped just a few feet in to a field.  It completely transforms the space and creates an iconic image of a bride and groom kissing out in a field.

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Oregon Coast Engagement

Onyeka and Brendan spent a gorgeous afternoon with me at Oswald West State Park along the coast, and we also made a stop here, a new place I’ve never seen before.  The cliffs and sound of booming waves were utterly enchanting, and I love how they look in the wind-blown grass above the ocean.

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Weddings, engagements, elopements and portraits.

Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer 503.513.0550

Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer

One of the great things about photographing so many weddings every year is the range of ideas we see in the ever-changing industry. Rustic decor has been a popular theme, especially here in the Northwest. We loved this log slab the bride and groom opted for instead of a traditional guest book. For more wedding inspiration, visit our website and peek at many of the other weddings we’ve shot over the years.

The Environment of Photography on the Northern Oregon Coast © juliana patrick photography juliana patrick photography 503.318.5160

The Environment of Photography on the Northern Oregon Coast © juliana patrick photography
juliana patrick photography 503.318.5160

The Environment of Photography has as big as a role in our imagery as our main subjects do.  One’s environment tells the story as if a main supporting role.  During our lifestyle portrait session with Chandler and Taylor, we happened upon this amazing green moss covered cavern that called to us.  The day brought us overcast skies, which is amazing to allow all of natures colors to pop and this green moss was just exploding!  So if your wedding day doesn’t bring you sunshine, don’t worry.  Look around you and see where you are and the brilliance of your surrounding.  We’ve got your back!

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