Fall weddings in New England are the absolute best.  The colors are absolutely breathtaking.

We flew out to Concord, NH a couple of weeks ago to capture Sarah Jane and Ken’s wedding celebration amongst the most incredible backdrop of fall foliage.  It was a treat to witness their special day and a wonderful opportunity to once again experience New England during the finest time of year.

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I absolutely love to travel for my clients.  This month, we are in Kansas City for an engagement session, Post Falls, Idaho for multiple family portrait sessions, and Concord, NH for a wedding.

For this Kansas City engagement session, we went to the Boulevard Brewing Company, to begin the session.  It is the location of the couple’s wedding reception.  We wanted to capture some images that they could use for their Save-the-Date cards.

We then worked our way over to the Liberty Memorial to capture some sweeping views that overlook the city.  We began walking back to our car, when I noticed a nice row of trees backlit by the setting sun. It made the perfect idyllic setting for a portrait of the couple enjoying some time together.

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Multnomah Falls engagement session by Portland wedding photographer Paul Rich Studio

By now, you have probably seen many of the heart breaking photos of the Columbia Gorge. It saddens me greatly to know that the raging inferno was caused by the careless behavior of a teenager lighting off fireworks during the peak summer months.

Having driven cross-country three times, I can honestly say that the Columbia Gorge Highway is some of the most scenic and beautiful stretches this country has to offer. The landscape is unlike any other part of the United States. It lures travelers from all over the world to witness its beauty and it is currently on fire. The fire has scorched thousands of acres of beautiful lush greenery.

I feel incredibly grateful to be among the fortunate who have hiked throughout the Columbia Gorge and enjoyed the many waterfalls like the iconic Multnomah Falls. I am frightened by the idea of what it may look like now. I am also grateful to have had the opportunity to photograph a number of engagements and weddings in the Columbia Gorge and to have captured images like these that showcase the true beauty of the area.

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Newlywed grooms celebrating their wedding ceremony on the Portland Spirit

Weddings on the Portland Spirit are always unique.  Guests board the vessel and work their way to the top deck to be seated for the wedding ceremony.  Within moments of departure, the wedding ceremony begins as the ship makes its way along the Willamette River.  Toward the end of their wedding ceremony, the newlywed grooms celebrated their love with a dove release.  Accompanied by both of their mothers, wicker baskets were opened to release the doves into the air.  As the doves filled the sky, they joined up with each other and flew home.  It is such a unique experience to witness in person and quite memorable for guests.  Make sure to check out Bright Eyes Doves to learn more about this unique experience for weddings.

Following the wedding ceremony on the Portland Spirit, guests headed to the lower level for cocktails and dinner.  Guests are treated to a wonderful meal, gorgeous views of the Portland skyline, and a fun evening aboard the ship.  When considering a venue for your wedding celebration, make sure to consider the Portland Spirit.

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Laura and Andy met me at the trailhead for this gorgeous waterfall, Falls Creek Falls, early on a bright, summer morning.  Andy hiked ahead of us, so Laura could surprise him in her wedding dress at the waterfall.  We took our time, enjoying the glorious turquoise water and forest as we made our way the two miles up to the top.

It was an emotional ceremony–they read their vows to each other and the officiant told stories.  Laura wore her grandmother’s wedding dress, that her mother had also worn, the lace crinkly with age and stories of its own.  After the ceremony, we went to the upper tier where the sunlight burst through and bathed us all in golden sunrays.  This photo is still my favorite–long exposure, showing just how huge Falls Creek Falls is.


Irini & Athan held their Greek wedding at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in NE Portland.  Following Greek traditions, Athan and his immediate family members waited outside the church for the bride’s arrival.  Irini arrived with her family in a very stylish 1956 Pontiac.  The bride walked with her family to greet the groom and his family.  Athan handed Irini her bouquet, and the couple processed into the church for the Greek wedding ceremony.

Irini and Athan are very close with their families and wanted portraits with all their immediate and extended family members.  We captured a photo of the newlywed couple with all their cousins which ended up being a group portrait of about 50 individuals.  Following the portrait session at the alter, we stepped outside for some additional portraits of the couple.  The ’56 Pontiac is a vehicle that has been in Irini’s family for a long time and carries with it a lot of history for the family.  It only made sense to capture some portraits by the car and this image of the couple kissing is among our favorites from the day.

Congratulations to Irini and Athan and a special thanks to the entire Whitney Werts Events team for coordinating such a wonderful event.  The day was flawless.

The Octagonal Barn at the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse

The Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Octagonal Barn is a wonderful location to consider for your wedding day celebration.  It’s rustic vintage charm is perfect for those cozy intimate gatherings of friends and family.  Some couples choose to marry inside the barn while others use the barn simply as a backdrop for an outdoor setting.

The octagonal shape lends itself to a more creative reception layout with the dance floor central to the festivities.  Late into the evening, we setup this romantic moment with the couple for a more dramatic crescendo to the evening.  The light levels inside the octagonal barn are quite low, allowing a seasoned wedding photographer to creatively play with light for heightened effect.

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Miles is nine. His mom was getting married and he was to have a tuxedo for the very important job as a member of the wedding. His excitement ran high that April afternoon, including wanting to get dressed many hours too early… when it was time, his mom steered him through the special buttons and the always cool cuff links. His tux fit very well… something that doesn’t always happen with the young guys.
 He wore it with style and confidence… the very definition of élan. He wore it like he was born to it.

The day started to roll and this kid, the only one at the wedding, was the epitome of a perfect guest. I was happy to watch him engage with everyone like a grownup… he kept up his end in a way that I would love to see more often.

During the toasts, his was solid and emotional and heartfelt enough to bring some tears around the room. Later, as the dancing ramped up, he was invited to run a song with a stint at the dj’s table… happy as could be, disco lights vibrating all around him.

My many thankings to the delightful officiant Melissa Coe, a perfectly coordinated party by Soiree, and the magic floral art of Francoise Weeks… pretty much a dream team assembled at the Allison Inn and Spa.

Working with a group of consummate professionals always makes my job easier. 😎
Jamie Bosworth Photographer

One of our favorite locations for an engagement session is the Columbia Gorge.  There is a stretch of road that follows along the Gorge that brings you to a number of waterfalls that are just a short hike from the road.  This enables us to capture a number of stunning locations in a relatively short period of time.  We typically meet couples at Horsetail Falls to begin the session about 2.5 hours before sunset.  We then work our way along the Columbia Historic Highway stopping at locations like the Oneonta Gorge, the iconic Multnomah Falls, Latourell Falls, and spots in between.  We then work our way up to the Vista House at Crown Point just as the sun begins to set for some final dramatic images to conclude the evening.  Columbia Gorge engagement sessions take full advantage of what the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  The lighting is dramatic and the settings are absolutely stunning.

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Iceland took me by surprise.  I was expecting to love the landscapes, but they quite literally took my breath away and crept into the deepest parts of my soul.  The rough, craggy coastlines were my favorite–I felt my Scandinavian blood happily responding to the black sand, high cliffs, booming waves, snow and ice.  Few places in the world have felt so friendly, home-like, and yet utterly wild to me.

While driving down the rustic highway toward a beautiful black-painted, perfect-for-weddings church, I spotted the towers of this rock castle in the distance.  The next morning, Sarah and I ran back along the moss and cliffs, dress and veil in-hand, and this is what we made.  The birds obliged us with a few cameos as they whirled above us in the wind.

I’m reminded of wild princesses, castles, and ancient things.  It barely felt real to be there, lost without a sense of placement in time.

Portland Engagement Photographer Deyla Huss Photography

I couldn’t be more excited to share the love that this couple has for one another! It’s like spending time with old friends, Like for real! I had the best time on our adventure for their Forest Park and St. Johns Engagement photos. We were originally going to hike a common forest park trail but turns out that most of the trail heads were closed due to mud slides. So plans change and a backup was needed! I found a trail head off HWY 30 to Forest Park that was perfect and close to St. Johns Bridge which was our next destination, so win win for us!

Jessica brought these adorable mugs saying “Adventure awaits” and filling them with some hot coffee and we decided to use them in our shoot as the saying “adventure awaits” was very fitting for their relationship. I mean look at these two, they are so excited to be married and to start their newest and greatest adventure yet!

Our forecast said rain all day! and we decided to go for it and brave it out! Im so glad we did get some breaks in the rain, although cold (and windy!)but they warmed each other up perfectly and you would never know how cold it was on this winter day!

Portland Engagement Photographer Deyla Huss PhotographyPortland Engagement Photographer Deyla Huss PhotographyPortland Engagement Photographer Deyla Huss Photography

We are extremely excited and honored to have the opportunity to photograph Irini & Athan’s Greek wedding this year.  The couple asked if we would be willing to do an engagement session where we captured them wearing garments that are specific to the regions of Greece where their respective families originated.

Irini has an old vintage photograph from her family that she wanted to use as inspiration for the engagement session.  She wanted to mimic the style and look of that photograph for her own engagement session.  We were given exclusive access to the Hellenic-American Cultural Center & Museum for the photo shoot.  We were asked to be very careful with the garments and to not leave the museum so we had to be very creative in the choice of angles and locations within the space.  For the couple’s Greek styled engagement session, we utilized some unique treatments and effects for the images to give them that iconic vintage look.

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