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A first look with the brides father is SUCH a special moment and Im always happy to set this up before the ceremony. Usually the bride’s mother is helping her get ready such as helping put the veil on or dress and this is also a special moment between mother and daughter. So giving dad that special moment before the ceremony starts is his special moment and something I promise he will reassure for the rest of his life! He gets a chance to see you and give you advice and tell you how much he loves you and it is so beautiful to photograph.

Simply ask your photographer if you would like to do something like this with your father, and Im positive they will be on board because of the above reactions you may get from those dad’s such as this one in the photo.

Truly SUCH a beautiful moment!

Happy Friday!

Deyla Huss Photography

Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer 503.513.0550

Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig Mitchelldyer

Sometimes, you just have to skip along. Groom Brian was so genuinely happy on his wedding day and he held back no excitement. It is such a pleasure to work with couples like this, who show their real, raw emotions, because those are the moments that are captured so well in a photograph. If you’d like to see more images from this wedding, visit the sneak peek album here.


Mother of the Groom shares a quiet moment at Gorge Crest Vineyards with the makeup artist as she prepares for her sons ceremony. ©juliana patrick photography 503-318-5160

A Big Day for Mom.

A mother and a father have an incredible stake in any wedding event. They can spend the last many years wondering who will be the one that will pledge themselves to honor their baby for the rest of their lives. Being a father, I can not yet imagine the joy, fear and trust that goes into accepting another at their word… The special day IS about the bride and groom… but there are others that are having their lives eternally changed… why not honor them by telling a bit of their story. Juli and I have had the joy of photographing very honest and reflective moments of the parents of the bride and groom. We have watched a mother of the groom pace back and forth in a small hotel room as she waits her tern to have her makeup done… so nervous and excited. This image above is a quiet moment… one that only two people experienced… mom and the makeup artist… Just outside of this room at the Gorge Crest Vineyards, the wedding day was bustling energetically, but in this room, there was a reflective moment deserved a stoppage of time. A moment that reminds us that we are not the only ones affected by love and commitment. These are the moments that help up tell all of your story…


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Stained Glass BrideSometimes you have only a few seconds to make a portrait. It’s a great responsibility, really – you’re pressed for time and your scenery options are limited, and you have to make the snap decision on where that split-second portrait is going to take place. The magical thing is that, given such a scenario, ten different photographers might see ten different things – all of which reflect the way this photographer sees the world.

The symmetry in this space was what drew me. In reality, the couple had requested portraits from the balcony and I misunderstood, thinking they’d wanted portraits ON the balcony. We went up to the balcony together and I looked around, discouraged, unsure of what exactly they were hoping to capture. Then, I noticed this small stained glass window in the corner of the space – not big enough for both the bride and groom, but with just enough space for one. Five seconds later, we were on our way to the family portraits, with this keeper under our belts.

Mhari Scott Photography

Rainy Portland Engagement Photos

In Portland, we can’t let ourselves be scared by a little drizzle. This engagement session was a ton of fun, even in the midst of a light sprinkle from the clouds. Plus, any weather shift can offer an opportunity to get creative and have fun!

Atelier Pictures loves getting to know our couples through engagement sessions. It is a casual environment to get great portraits and learn more about each other. We would love to talk to you about schedule a photo shoot. Contact us to set up a consultation!


Imagine a small loft jammed with lots of pretty girls trying to get ready for a wedding… there must have been close to 20 people all vying for some mirror time… clothes everywhere, curling irons and mascaras competing for the spaces. The fans are blowing, the air conditioner is trying to keep up and the door keeps opening and closing as a parade of people come and go, each on a mission of some sort. In the midst of all this, these two girls were ready ahead of most everyone else so their instructions were to try to stay out from underfoot. It was a treat to watch them watch the room… even Grace, our intrepid flower girl, had to look up from her assignment a few times.

The chaos early in the day is one of my favorite parts of a wedding… mostly people are happy and helping each other and that is a very satisfying vibe to be a part of. ;0)

Jamie Bosworth Photographer


Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden is a hidden oasis.  Located just 3 miles from my home and right across the street from Reed College, it’s hard to imagine that I never previously photographed at this location.  When I first arrived, I was immediately taken by the beauty of the garden and knew exactly why Samantha & Jamie chose it as the location for their engagement session.

Samantha & Jamie love the outdoors.  They love to go hiking to explore all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.  So, while capturing their engagement photos, I wanted to make sure to include their environment and surroundings.  I love this peaceful moment of the couple spending time together alone with the setting sun trickling through the trees.

I have worked with Samantha & Jamie many times over the years and I feel so honored to have the opportunity to document their wedding in 2016.

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I love wedding rings.  The symbology, the tradition, the beauty.  These belong to Ashley & Chris, married in the Columbia River Gorge, held by the lovely Ashley before their ceremony.  I look at my own rings and not only think of my story, my marriage, my love–but also the marriage, story and love of Nathan’s grandmother, and the others who have worn my rings.  A piece of history, a piece of the future, and a lot of love is wrapped in those beautiful circles.


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Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer 503.513.0550

Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer

At every wedding we shoot, there is something that we do in the evening hours – that is to keep an eye on the sky and watch out for an interesting sunset. At Melissa and Brian’s lovely summer wedding at The Reserve Vineyards & Golf Club, we saw a nice sunset approaching the horizon. The bride and groom were more than happy to sneak away for a few moments and grab this beautiful shot. If you’d like to see more images from this wedding, visit the sneak peek album here.

Portland Wedding Photographer Deyla Huss Photography

Portland Wedding Photographer Deyla Huss Photography

Yep people THIS couple did the Robot at their reception AND with light up glasses, I may or may not have encouraged them to do so {wink wink}. It is because I am comfortable enough with this couple and visa versa and we just mesh well together. Have I talked to you about how important it is to really mesh with your photographer as well as them with you? Getting those real moments and knowing when to watch for them is because you and your photographer have probably gotten to know each other pretty well throughout the process and these kinds of moments just unfold. I make a HUGE point in making sure my bride and groom and I really are the right fit for one another during our initial consultation (aka beers at Bridgeport Brewery or lunch at LoveJoy bakers) it’s a big deal, we will be working together closely on one of the most important days of your lives.

This couple above is one I can happily say have become my friends and I cannot wait to capture more of their big moments in their lives!

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Pets Welcome!  Megan, Sean & their dog, Kira, stroll the boardwalk looking for their first climbing route of the day at Smith Rock State Park.                  © juliana patrick photography         Juliana Patrick Photography      ~      ~     503.318.5160

Pet’s Welcome!

Not only are pets welcome at your portrait session, they are encouraged!  Pets play a huge role in your lives as well as your relationships.  We understand the magical bond and it is only natural to want to include your pal(s)!  Plus it is extra fun for us because we get to photograph 2 of our favorite things…people and animals!  So please don’t hesitate to plan to bring your furry friends along!

This image is from Megan & Sean’s Lifestyle Portrait session to celebrate their engagement.  Avid rock climbers, lovers of the great outdoors and being with their dog, we though there would be no better place for their day than Smith Rock State Park!

Juliana Patrick Photography is a husband & wife photo team that specializes in weddings, portraits and special events.  Call us today and we can brainstorm ideas for your own lifestyle session!  Juliana Patrick Photography

Portland Exchange Ballroom Wedding

Portland Exchange Ballroom Wedding

Portland has some beautiful venues, but very few has a rooftop and a ballroom. Rooftop weddings are very unique in Portland and when Exchange Ballroom opened and started offering rooftop opportunities, they started booking right and left to have an Exchange Ballroom wedding. I have known the bride Tresa for years, she is an avid volleyball player and I ran in to her during Exchange Ballroom open house that we photographed. I was very happy to get a beautiful clear sunset and we utilized the Exchange Ballroom rooftop for a beautiful portrait of the couple!