Sarah and John exchanged vows in the tiny, New England Quaker church of Sarah’s childhood. Continue reading →

The bride and groom ride away in the pedicab from the West End Ballroom as their friends and family wave sparklers.

Choosing your method of departure from the wedding day can be incredibly fun and creative.  Why not combine two things, like sparklers and a pedicab?  Enjoy the exit as much as the rest of the day!

Atelier Pictures is passionate about capturing these moments with photography and video. We would love to talk with you about your wedding. Contact us to schedule a consultation!

We love working with a great team of vendors!
Here are the other companies that joined us for the big celebration:
The Wedding Preparation took place at The Westin Portland
The Wedding was at The West End Ballroom || Coordination by Luxe Event Productions
Music and DJ Services by John Ross Music and Production || Cake by Beaverton Bakery
Catering by Premiere Catering || Floral Design by Blum Floral Design
Hair and Make-up by Portland Make-up and Hair || The Wedding Officiant was Rev Cathy Hume
Wedding Photography and Cinematography by Atelier Pictures

theater wedding photos
I’ve spent years saying I didn’t want to wait till my sister got married to see a clown at a wedding. Well, as of writing this post she’s getting married in a week or so and I’m fairly sure there won’t be a clown present at her wedding. Luckily, John and Paul filled that tick off the list for me. John works at Northwest Children’s Theater and his work friends joined in and supported him and Paul in creating an epic welcome evening to their Portland wedding weekend. They sang karoake, danced, enjoyed a few performances by their very talented friends… and John dressed up as a clown pantomime and created a love story act.

The best part? It’s all authentic. John does this on a regular basis; in fact, his special request was that I photograph him getting into character. Their friends were overjoyed to participate in a celebration of their marriage. The old-fashioned snacks at the back of the theater were a hit. It was all themand everybody loved it.

Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig Mitchelldyer

Here is one more frame from Erin and Logan’s recent wedding that we really like. The ceremony was held in the Chapel at University of Portland, and afterward, we took a walk with the newlyweds. This is always a great time to give the bride and groom a breath of fresh air, and a moment to unwind before picking up again to head to a busy reception. There was no shortage of blossoms and greenery on this campus, and we took full advantage of this warm and sunny day in May.

Portland Engagement Photographer Deyla Huss Photography

Portland Wedding Photographer  Deyla Huss Photography

When I book a winter wedding and they are wanting an engagement portrait session, typically they are wanting the opposite of what their wedding is, so a warm spring/summer engagement session for us! I have lots of little spots in random areas, and this gorgeous couple was open to suggestions as they came up from Seattle. The bride wanted a romantic bohemian feel for their shoot and I can say they definitely accomplished that! this evening was seriously gorgeous and we shot until the very last light. I cannot wait for their wedding at the Exchange Ballroom this winter because I know it will be just as beautiful as they are as a couple!


Deyla Huss Photography

Lindy and Michael share a private moment among the vines at Willamette Valley Vineyards  ©juliana patrick photography  503 956 6966

Lindy and Michael share a private moment among the vines at Willamette Valley Vineyards © juliana patrick photography   503 . 318 . 5160



Honest Moments.  This is what we see, what excites and inspires us to photograph.

We know many couples can feel hesitant and nervous about being photographed. They have the belief that they will have to pose and look a certain way,

We are drawn to real life moments.  For your portrait session of the day, we look for clean backgrounds with beautiful light.  We will place you in cool settings, but the rest is completely up to you.  If you need help with direction or are doing something that doesn’t photograph well, we will let you know, but otherwise, just be yourselves and it will be the best.    Of course we always plan time in the day for the requested posed or formal shots (we all know parents and grand parents expect these so give us a photo list and it will be quick and painless).  Be excited about your photography on your wedding day! All we need you to do is be in love and giggle, laugh and hug each other as much as you want to! These moments are real, honest moments. These  are the moments you will look back on for years and years and smile!

This image is from Lindy and Michael’s wedding at Willamette Valley Vineyards.  We strolled out to the vineyard at night… set up a few lights and moved back, and Lindy and Michael did the rest! This is how easy it really is!


If you would like to set up time to talk with Juli and Ryan about photographing your wedding, give us a call, email or text! juliana patrick photography

Timberline lodge wedding

Timberline lodge wedding

Even though we had very little snow fall this year, there was still enough for this couple! We love Timberline Lodge,  and really enjoy the scenery there as well.  This time I really wanted something dramatic and this is what we came up with! Due to the weather, we could not see the top of the mountain, but there was still enough snow and drama for us to capture!

getting into dress photosLet’s start by stating that we all have hugely different levels of modesty. One individual might have no trouble shedding all clothing in front of a room full of people, while another might start to feel highly anxious about the thought of baring their midriff. And one of the more sensitive areas that we address, as wedding photographers, are the photos of when the bride puts on her wedding dress. So let’s talk about that.

Many of us have different images in our heads from these moments: six bridesmaids and a mother surrounding the bride while her arms stretch through the top of an enormous dress. Brides have usually seen these images, and while, for some of them, no anxiety enters into their head at the thought of being photographed in their underwear while putting on a dress, let’s assume for a moment that you are a more modest bride. If we have not addressed the particulars of this moment beforehand, there will inevitably come a time when you turn to the photographer to find out what he or she expects from this scenario. It might be adding to your anxiety just thinking about it.

So let’s talk about your options beforehand so you can go into this scenario armed with some knowledge. You can absolutely make “getting into the dress” photos happen with your modesty intact. Your photographer (or your photographer’s assistant) can clear a space that has great light where he or she would like you to stand when you’re ready. Then, the photographer can either wait outside the room, or you can step into your dress in another room (depending on whether you want your bridesmaids around). Pull your dress up to cover your front, then simply hold it there while you call your photographer back in or you walk to your designated light-filled location. He or she can adjust where you’re standing if necessary, then they can get absolutely beautiful pictures of your mom or your sister or someone special to you zipping or lacing up the back of your dress for you. You won’t be missing out on your “moment” but you won’t have to stress at all about exposing more than you want to.

If modesty is not your bag, you can absolutely let your photographer stay in the room and they will get photos of all the dress-getting-on-craziness that might ensue. But don’t feel like this is a requirement, by any means. Your comfort always, always, always takes top priority. It’s our job to make great photos while accommodating you.

Mhari Scott Photography

St. Mary's Cathedral in Portland , OR

This towering spire rising into the cloudy sky with grace. The infrared camera brings out the surreal nature of the surrounding landscape that makes it a perfect place for a wedding.

Atelier Pictures loves shooting at St. Mary’s Cathedral. We would love to talk to you about photography and videography. Contact us to set up a consultation!

We love working with a great team of vendors! Here are the other companies that joined us for the big celebration:
Wedding Ceremony at St. Mary’s Cathedral || Wedding Reception at Hilton Portland & Executive Tower
Coordination by Creations by Ly || DJ Services by All Wright Music
Cake by Beaverton Bakery || Floral Design by Intimo Floral
Hair and Make Up by The National Beauty
Wedding Photography and Cinematography by Atelier Pictures


Two lovers kiss and run away into the sun.. shielded by the blueberries, they turn, laughing, to watch the crowd that came to see them wed. After a few minutes, some kind soul brings them glasses of wine and they take their time drinking in the fact that they had actually gotten married.

I watch it at every wedding… the point where reality settles in and two people look at each other with a new light in their faces. It doesn’t hurt to take yourselves out of the crowd for a few minutes alone. Do it for the wonder of each other, don’t do it to discuss wedding details. Do it so you can go back to your crowd as a shiny new couple and really enjoy the rest of the day.

It is a pure privilege to be in a front row seat when these emotions run so close and high… I love my job!

Jamie Bosworth Photographer


Couples oftentimes ask if their wedding photographer uses Photoshop to enhance their images.  It is a great question because nearly every photographer uses this program to varying degrees.

Truth be told, our signature look and style is derived from using very simple Photoshop methods.  Our primary goal is to make the work look as natural and true to the moment as possible.  In fact, if you look through our work on our website at Paul Rich Studio or even look through our wedding and portrait blog, you will notice that there does not appear to be much Photoshop use.  This is very intentional as 99% of the time, we want our work to accurately depict what we are photographing.

However, there are times when heavier uses of Photoshop can be used to create a unique style or look to a photograph.  Jamie & Josh were recently married in downtown Anacortes, WA, a town that is steeped in history.  We wanted to play off of the historical aspect of the town by applying some vintage processing to this specific image.  While the vehicles and other elements of the photograph make it clear that the image was captured during modern day, the post-processing of the image references back to earlier generations.  We sparingly use these techniques but for this particular image, we felt as though it really fit the look and feel of the image.

Please check out more of our work at Paul Rich Studio.


Aaah. Nothing like a little sun on your face to relieve stress. We found that golden hour sun break at one of my favorite spots on Sauvies Island where we stole away to shoot Suki and Philip’s engagement portraits .  Suki and Philip will be married later this summer at Bridal Veil Lakes, another drop dead gorgeous Oregon venue that makes one have to stop a moment and take in the beauty; a healthy practice to be sure!

Rebekah Johnson Photography