Wedding Day Preparation at Home

It is now Thanksgiving Eve and we find ourselves so incredibly thankful that we have spent 2015 celebrating with the greatest couples we can imagine. There is so much excitement in the air as we approach the holiday season and 2016 slowly comes into view!

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Wedding day preparations are always a real treat to photograph.  There are all the important details to capture such as the bride’s wedding dress and shoes, the wedding rings, and things like the groom’s tie and cuff links.  There is also all the frenetic energy when the bride slips into her dress and when the groom and groomsmen are trying to figure out how to tie a bowtie or how to put studs on their shirts.  There are also the in-between moments like when the bride decides to look over her vows while getting her hair done.  I love when couples do this on their wedding day.  Clearly the vows are very important, there is a lot of excitement and nervous energy leading up to the wedding ceremony, so what perfect time to pause for a bit and focus on the vows.

To see more candid in-between moments like these, check out Paul Rich Studio.  To see more images from Amy & Paul’s wedding at the Elysian Ballroom, check out their wedding highlights on the Paul Rich Studio Blog.


The Garter Toss used to be a staple of every wedding celebration. Usually staged right after the Bouquet Toss, it was generally a competitive and lively slice of the day. Today, the trends are moving in other directions… I think you could say that a lot of people are less comfortable with the staged sections of the traditional weddings. I have some couples who don’t even want to cut their cake as a planned thing. Maybe it’s a new age of less pageantry and more of an inclusive celebration with more mingling… less separation of couple and guests. That sounds kind of nice. ;0)

If you are curious about the history of the garter, this might give you some eye opening things to consider. It gave me a whole new perspective!

Happy to be the one with the camera in any case!
Jamie Bosworth Photographer


Megan and Dylan were married on their family’s gorgeous property in West Linn, staring out over the valley with a full view of Mt. Hood.  As with so many private residence weddings, everything was very personal and cozy–homemade honeybears for the guests with fresh farm honey, getting ready in a beautiful bedroom, pictures on the deck, children playing on the tireswing, portraits down the hill at their barn.

And Megan.  Sassy and gorgeous, with excellent style and tons of personality.  These two photos sum up so much of her.

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Portland Wedding Photographer Deyla Huss Photography

Portland Wedding Photographer Deyla Huss Photography

Thats ok you can say it because were all thinking it! These two are just about the cutest ring bearer and flower girl I have ever seen! I mean common the pink shorts..suspenders..the bowtie.. the flower crown and their adorable smiles! These two were hamming it up for my second photographer that day, taking in their fame as their parents and family behind the photographer ooh and aww them. You can say they both liked all this attention and Im thinking they could be professional flower girl and ring bearers, don’t you think?

If you would like to see the rest of this Langdon Farms Golf Club wedding, please it out here!

Have a glorious Weekend!

Deyla Huss Photography

Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer 503.513.0550

Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer

We waited for some of the best fall colors to present themselves before we shot this engagement session. It just doesn’t get better than autumn in Oregon!

Bubbly Rings  © juliana patrick photography Juliana Patrick Photography     503.318.5160

Bubbly Rings © juliana patrick photography
Juliana Patrick Photography 503.318.5160

Cheers! Bubbles and Trust.

Trust your Photographer. When your photographer has a vision and is really excited, chances are that once your see the vision and the images created from it, you will be really excited too! We love the relationships we have with our couples. I know they trust us 100% to capture and provide awesome imagery that recounts the moments of their most important days. We respect our couples feelings, boundaries and comfort levels. They know that if we ask them to take a risk or expand their boundaries, that they will be safe and we will take good care of them. This trust is essential for us to have the creative freedom to be able to craft compelling imagery that tells stories. Whether it be soaking the rings in champagne, climbing trees, or scaling a rock wall together, it wouldn’t be possible without trust.

So how do you find a photographer you trust? It is important that you do your research for your photographer. Hire a professional. Ask friends – honest referrals are gold. Find photographers that you trust as a people, trust as a business owners and also ones that you love their photography style and energy. Take time to get to know each other and be open to share who you really are.  Have fun with a portrait or engagement session and get comfortable in front of the lens. Honesty is key!

This image is from one of our favorite weddings at the incredible Zenith Vineyard. Just moments after they said their I Do’s, I borrowed their rings while Ryan was capturing their Certificate Signing.  What says celebrate more that new rings in a little bubbly?

If you would like to work with photographers you can trust and have fun with, give us a call!  We would love to meet you and have photo adventures with you! Cheers! Juliana + Ryan juliana patrick photography


Pike Place EngagementIt was a windy, stormy day when Sarah, Jeff and I began their engagement session at Pike Place Market in Seattle. We had driven through a torrential downpour on the way to the session, all of us thinking, “there is no way this is going to work.” Hesitant to cancel (they were hoping to send out their save-the-date photos by Thanksgiving), we agreed to give it our very best try. By sheer luck, the rain stopped the moment the session began, the only remnants of the storm being the glistening sidewalks and the cold blustery wind. Hair flew in all directions and Jeff and Sarah had to remain relatively bundled up because of the chill in the air, but despite the lousy weather, Jeff and Sarah smiled and laughed with each other nearly the entire time.

Mhari Scott Photography

Wedding Photography at Mt. Hood

One of the most hilarious couples we’ve photographed had this amazing habit of pretending to vomit anytime someone said the word “fiance(e).” Of course, the word may have slipped out of my mouth a time or two!

You could say that Atelier Pictures loves photographing couples with a bit of personality. We would love to talk to you about photography and videography. Contact us to set up a consultation!


At last… two very dear friends of mine have finally put a ring on 34 years of happiness. Dexter and Daryl have been married in every other sense of the word since 1981 and I have had the pleasure of watching them mellow together like a very fine wine.

Officiated by a friend, the ceremony was tiny and set in a lovely condo at the Gregory… a little champagne, a little salmon mousse and a license to sign. Then we headed into rush hour traffic and landed at the Hotel Eastlund for a fine meal and the company of 18 old friends… many people I haven’t seen in a long while. In all of it, the evening seemed to buzz with a quiet satisfaction… glances across the table and all of the conversations and laughter.

All of us have waited a long time for this wedding… at last, we got to raise a cheerful glass to the two married guys at the center of this little crowd!

I wouldn’t have missed this one for the world!
Jamie Bosworth Photographer


Newspaper headlines were overflowing with breaking news on September 26, 2015.  Boehner had announced his resignation and Pope Francis was visiting the US.  Two rather significant moments in the history of the United States.  So it only seemed fitting to incorporate these news stories along with the documentation of Antonia & Jared’s wedding in Boston, MA.

It’s these types of details that really tell the story of the wedding day.  In the years to come, who knows if newspaper print will even exist.  It is quite possible that the modern rendition of this image will be wedding rings set atop a device like an iPad with the news displayed electronically.  The cars that people drive, the type of cell phones they use, the current fashion trends and hair styles of the day – these are all items that stir our memories of what the experience of the day was like.

To see more of our work, please check out Paul Rich Studio.  We are conveniently located in NE Portland at Portland’s original wedding services collective The Bridal Loft.


Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photography   MPP111615While brides and bridesmaids have a lot of makeup, hair and clothing to deal with while getting ready, grooms and groomsmen have relatively few. However, there are a couple of unique clothing requirements that often throw guys for a loop. One of these is bow ties. However the one that seems to create the most confusion is the pocket square or pocket handkerchief. It’s rare when any of us need printed instructions to put on a piece of clothing. But the pocket square is certainly one such item. There is usually someone in the room where the guys are getting dressed who has tied a bow tie at least once. But how often does anyone sport a pocket square these days?! When Eric got married, the pocket squares came with instructions on paper. However, it still wasn’t clear how they should be folded and then placed into the jacket pocket. After much contemplation and consultation, the best solution for Eric was to get close to what it was supposed to look like and then make it work however possible! Fortunately, one doesn’t need the properly folded pocket square to say “I do”. To see more fun wedding wardrobes, check out