Fort Vancouver Wedding Deyla Huss Photography
2014 Deyla Huss Photography Fort Vancouver, The Marshall House

Come fly with me, lets fly, lets fly away… (I know you were singing it to). You never know what you’ll find laying around over at Fort Vancouver and this couple couldn’t have planned it any better then on the same day as the vintage plane show going on and just ending in fact which led for a good time to ask if we may take a few shots with one of their awesome planes! The groom actually works the airline and has been for a very long time… see what did I tell ya… perfect!

When using special unexpected elements on the grounds of the venue, there are a few things to remember. Take good care of it, which means probably no climbing and laying on this particular piece of machinery, do not move things around that are probably put there for a reason, unless given special permission by the grounds manager or owner of object. Get permission if at all possible, it never hurts to ask and most of the time you will be pleasantly surprised of the outcome. Cheers to a happy Friday! Check out more from Deyla Huss Photography

DIY photo booth at Union Pine wedding reception by

Emily and Joe’s wedding held a plethora of exciting moments from their three story long staircase walk to their first look, a 70′s school bus rocking old school karaoke (think “Total Eclipse of the Heart”) to a romp in the fountain post-ceremony. So it shouldn’t be any big surprise they eschewed the typical photo booth and took matters into their own hands with a Polaroid cutout for their guests to BE the booth.

Fun weddings are all in the head – you make it. If you’re bent on having a great time that attitude is infectious and your guests will fill in with the vibe. If you want to do something a little off kilter, own it with style and it’ll be something we talk about for years. If that includes a DIY photo booth at your wedding, have some fun it with it!

Oh! And Happy Halloween! There’s a wig in this photo so that makes it slightly more festive than the average wedding photo, no?

Getting ready for the big day, Shaina takes a moment at the Nines.  © juliana patrick photography

Getting ready for the big day, Shaina takes a moment at the Nines. © juliana patrick photography


Getting ready imagery on your wedding day is a key component to telling your story of the whole experience of your day.  This imagery just might be included in your album to be treasured for generations to come, so we thought we would share some helpful tips on how to make your getting ready experience picture perfect.

1) Make a plan

First and foremost, like anything on your wedding day, this will take a little planning.  Who do you want to get ready with?  Where do your want to get ready?  How do you want to spend your time?

2) Make sure that your getting ready space is large enough to accommodate those you plan to be involved.

Ideally, this space will have beautiful natural light and will have elements in it that you will want to see in your images.  A dark room with overhead florescent lighting is not recommended.  Not only will your photographers have a hay day with rooms that are filled with natural light, your hair and make up professionals will also be jumping for joy!;)

Now lets talk about all of those people you plan to have with you.  Where are they going to put their stuff?

3) Clear the clutter!

Your images will look the best if they are free of clutter, so designating an area …that isn’t the main area where the images will be taking place…for them to stash their belongings is a must.  This goes for guys and girls..but typically the guys getting ready stage lasts about a tenth as long as the ladies, and often move their getting ready locations to mentally prepare at the bar.

4) Have your wedding party/family photo ready.

If you plan to have these special people in your pictures, we highly suggest that they are dressed and photo ready.  Dressed could mean the wedding attire for the day, or even cute matching robes…whatever it is, make sure it is appropriate to be photographed in.  This will not only help them to feel more comfortable so they can relax if there is a camera in the room, but it will also allow them to focus their energy on helping you prepare for the day.

5) Have special items out and ready to be photographed.

The dress, the tuxes, the ties, the shoes, the rings, love notes, crazy socks, that something blue or whatever makes your attire your own…This is also a great time to photograph flowers if you have arranged with your florist to deliver them to your room.

6) Pre-plan your transportation.

How will you and all of your besties plan to travel to your next destination?  Unicycles, brew cycle, hot air balloon, private plane? (Have to make suggestions since we would love to photograph that!)  Will you be in the same vicinity as your fiance or will it take extra planning?  Be sure to allow ample transportation time…especially if you need a place to park your hot air balloon!

Remember, this is the story of your day and these moments just might be memorialized forever, so if you do these simple things listed above, your getting ready phase should be smooth, fun and as a bonus, you will have beautiful imagery!

Above, Shaina takes a moment as she gets ready at the very popular The Nines location in downtown Portland.

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Mount Hood bed and breakfast wedding

Mount Hood bed and breakfast wedding

Mt Hood Bed and Breakfast is one of our favorite places to photograph weddings in Oregon. Not only the owners are super nice, the setting is absolutely beautiful. The getting ready is in their lodge cabin and they have some cute little mirrors. I have always been fascinated with reflections, and trying to tell a story by using mirrors creates a very interesting perspective. Dennise and Craig are long time friends and I was very honored to be part of their wedding! Mount Hood created a beautiful setting for the ceremony. What a majestic place! Yes, we do love weddings at Mount Hood Bed and Breakfast!

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Candid Portraits

Most of the time when I meet with couples, they explain to me that they feel most drawn to candid photographs. As a photographer with a background in photojournalism, this was always my favorite approach to weddings, too: observe, intuit, shoot, observe, intuit, shoot. There is no denying the fact that most couples also would like to walk away from their wedding day with beautiful portraits. The challenge is in merging the worlds of photojournalism and portraiture to create portraits that feel authentic and natural instead of stiff and posed. To top it off, because of time or budget constraints, many couples only have a short time period allotted for portraits.

Before every wedding, I sit down with my couples to find out about any anxieties they feel around the camera, ask about their preferences for their couples portraits (camera-aware vs. camera-unaware), and to talk about how they envision displaying their images afterwards. This helps to guide not only the location choices, but also how to interact with the couple during the session and how often to call their attention to the camera. Then, on the wedding day, we’re all set to play! The bride and groom are lucky enough to have another person to engage with while the camera is pointed at them, and we do our best to get them comfortable and laughing (sometimes by any means necessary), only asking them to sneak looks at the camera for very brief moments so that the smiles don’t have time to become uncomfortable.

This almost always results in fun, natural images that look like they couldn’t possibly be staged, but couldn’t possibly have happened naturally, either. For more wedding moments, both posed and candid, feel free to peruse this wedding’s images and more at


Mhari Scott | Weddings for the Creative Soul

A bride and groom lean in for a kiss on their wedding day


In order to see if someone is truly happy, you will have to lean in a little closer.  Of course, this is only really going to happen with your inner circle of loved ones.  When people are looking at you from a distance, they won’t be able to accurately determine how you are feeling.

As photographers, we realize that our relationship to you is important.  Our greatest aim on your wedding day is to capture artistic images of your person, your story.  This is only going to happen if we are close enough to observe the subtleties in your expression.  The depth of your relationship might be expressed in something as simple as the way you hold your loved ones’ hand.

At Atelier Pictures, we want to record the poetic moments that describe the intangible dynamics of your relationship.  Get in touch with us!

I love to watch the bridesmaids help out the bride quite often they are truly amazing and attentive. There are very few times when only one is helping it is usually a team effort and for the sake of time, quite often there is a lot of multi-tasking. These moments make for great photos and really illuminate the friendship they share.

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Sexy Boy Handsome Team is how the business cards read… they were handed out to the guests just before the toast by the Best Man at Matt and Christie’s wedding. Apparently, that was the subject heading in the e mail that Matt sent out to his groomsmen as the wedding was being planned.The toast that went with it and the ones that followed really played up the fact that these guys are all really good friends. The vibe was easy going and the suits were really cute… the women were cut from the same cloth. All of them, bride and groom included, were a treat on that warm sunny day last summer.

I imagine this crowd keeping in touch as the years roll out… I imagine kids and dogs and some age creeping in but I think that the core will hold for a long time. I hope somewhere in those far away times that they will revisit these pictures and remember a summer day when they were very young.

Making some plans for your own wedding? Make it as personal as possible… you won’t regret it.
Jamie Bosworth Photographer


Erin & Sean got ready at the Benson Hotel in downtown Portland on their wedding day.  The hotel’s lobby boasts a gorgeous sweeping staircase, one that is oftentimes used for capturing couples as they see each other for the first time.  It is a wonderful spot.  However, it is rather centrally located and doesn’t necessarily offer the couple much privacy.  So, I opted for something different and less traditional.  I grabbed Sean and headed across the street and found a nice private spot along a visually dynamic row of pillars.

While waiting for Erin to appear for the couple’s first moment, I chatted with Sean and complimented him on his wedding day attire.  Most notable was the color scheme of deep blues and vibrant oranges carried throughout even extending to his bold pair of striped socks.  I looked down and couldn’t believe the visual feast before my eyes.  Through total serendipity, I had placed Sean amongst a similarly matching mosaic of tiles.  Contrasting the repeating pattern in the striped socks was the playful colors and shapes of the tiles below.  It was the perfect location for this type of detail photo.

It’s moments like these on the wedding day, when the planets align.

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Having a little fun with a mostly-matching bridal party can be the perfect fit for your wedding.  In this case, Isaac wore a brown suit and his groomsmen wore shades of brown, gray and ivory.  I loved the pops of red on Isaac’s suit lining and their flowers.  The occasional use of suspenders, bowties, pocket squares, regular ties, vests and even flasks made for a snappy, somewhat-casual, vintage  and fun look for this fab country wedding at Postlewait’s in Canby.

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The person who spends the least time involved with your wedding is also the one person who makes or breaks the ceremony. And, of course, that person is the officiant. The most obvious choice for couples is the priest, rabbi or other spiritual leader they grew up with or know from going to their place of worship as an adult. But I see less and less of that. The trend is for brides and grooms to pick a “freelance” officiant who make their living marrying people or, a friend or relative who either has the ability to marry couples or has gone online and done the paperwork required to make it a legal ceremony. But no matter who you choose, they should reflect your personality and be willing to direct the service the way you want. When Erin and Sean decided to get married, it was clear they needed someone who was enthusiastic, sentimental and funny. Since they both work in the wedding business, they had been to many ceremonies and had the advantage of seeing many of their options in action. They chose Bob Renggli because they knew that he had all the elements they were looking for to join them together. As the ceremony began at The Multnomah Athletic Club, it became obvious they had made the correct decision. Bob filled the room with humor and a clear-eyed vision of the meaning of love and marriage And it was abundantly clear that Bob had taken the time to get to know a little about both Erin and Sean. There was laughter and tears and, as Bob pronounced Erin and Sean husband and wife, there were cheers usually seen at a Blazers game! To see more fun wedding pictures, please check out

  • That’s how it should be! I work hard to learn about the couple, get information about their relationship and family life. It is so important to make it memorable, sentimental and fun! Great article.

Edgefield Wedding Photography

Wedding at the Edgfield Troutdale, OR

  I absolutely love photographing weddings at the Edgefield in Troutdale, Oregon. There are so many nooks and crannies and beautiful elements to add to anyone’s wedding. Even walking up the pathway or street you may see a great spot to photograph the couple at. This particular couple above allotted a good amount of time to walk around the property to take advantage of the vast area Edgefield has. If you are looking for a very Portland feel and a lot of gorgeous elements, this is a great venue!

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Bridal party goes down Alpine Slides at Ski Bow, Mt Hood, Oregon

Wedding party goes down Alpine Slides at Ski Bow, Mt Hood, Oregon

When you arrive at your wedding reception, arrive in style. This bride, groom, and their wedding party took the fast and fun way down the mountain to get from the ceremony site to the reception site. The Alpine Slides at Mt. Hood’s Ski Bowl are 1/2 mile long, and provided us this perfect picture opportunity during an awesome wedding.