An unexpected lens flare set this image apart… it seemed to fit this couple so well! They dance in their real life so dancing a little after they had their first look was natural for them… I think this was to be sure her long dress wouldn’t interfere with their footwork. ;0)

I told Madeline and Lee that I would be shooting snippets of their wedding with a Lensbaby and that we could expect some interesting things to come of it. It’s a wonderful little optic that bends the light and the focal plane. I have been using it on and off since 2004 and I like the unexpected nuances… it makes me see differently. In this case, I saw the lens flare come and go but didn’t note the rainbow effect until much later… what a pleasant surprise!

Plan your wedding carefully but be open to the possibilities, you’ll be glad you did.

Jamie Bosworth Photographer


Having photographed hundreds of weddings over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with a number of great wedding planners.  Julie and Angel with In Love Events & Productions recently traveled to Portland from California for Erika & Andre’s wedding at the Sentinel in downtown Portland.

As soon as I arrived, the In Love Events & Productions team was already well into setting up the reception area.  They were finessing all the details and strategically set specific areas so that I could begin photographing even before the entire room was finished.  They were incredible efficient and knowledgeable of each of the wedding vendors’ specific needs throughout the entire day.  I can’t recall a wedding that flowed together so seamlessly and so effortlessly.

We have established a unique partnership with In Love Events & Productions and would love to bring them back to Portland to team up on another wedding.  Their style, attentiveness, and beaming personalities are a great fit for Portland brides.  In Love Events & Productions has created a wish list with 15 specific types of weddings they hope to plan and coordinate in 2015.  We would LOVE to help them reach their goal.

Planning a surprise wedding?  Getting married at midnight?  Putting together a circus, fairytale, winter, or movie themed wedding?  These are just a few of the items on the wish list for In Love Events & Productions.  Check out their Facebook page to see the entire list of weddings on their wish list.  Heck!  One of them is a wedding with us.  Now that’s easy to fulfill…

Check out more of our work at Paul Rich Studio and mention this post regarding a unique opportunity to partner with an incredible team of wedding planners at In Love Events & Productions.


The state of Oregon welcomed gay marriage in the late Spring of 2014. Tom and Brian chose the anniversary of their eighteenth year together, March 27th 2015, for their personal wedding date. A sweet ceremony in their beloved garden was just right for them. Pictured here is Tom inspecting the boutonniere the florist put together for the couple from flowers Tom had chosen from the garden that morning.

Rebekah Johnson Photography

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photographer MPP033015-B copyWedding Photojournalism is a term that was coined about 35 years ago as a “new” style of wedding photography. The idea was to take what photojournalists who work for newspapers and magazines do and apply that to wedding photography. Essentially, to tell the story of the day in pictures. Before that genre of photography made its way into weddings, the style was mostly to pose photos of couples in loving positions, looking happy. If you take a look at the work of many of the photographers who today advertise themselves as “wedding photojournalists” you will find, well, mostly posed photos of couples in loving positions, looking happy. I’m not exactly sure how we’ve come full circle, but I have some ideas.

Real photojournalism is difficult and takes practice. It’s hard to capture real moments that communicate love and happiness when you, as a photographer, are not in charge of scene. It’s a lot easier to do posed pictures that are beautiful but not really very revealing about the couple or the relationship as it truly exists between them. The advent of digital photography made it a lot easier to take care of the technical part of taking pictures. You don’t need years, or even months, of experience to open up a box, pull out a modern day digital camera and start making photographs that are technically acceptable. As a result, a lot of people who always wanted to be photographers but didn’t want to spend the time learning, could how hang out a shingle and start shooting weddings. And that’s all good and I’m always for people following their passion and doing what they love. But the intersection of digital photography and the popularity of Wedding Photojournalism created an uncomfortable union. Not everyone who could now properly expose a photo knew where to point the camera or when to press the shutter. As a result, posed photographs have now become part of what is called wedding “photojournalism” and real moments have largely been forgotten. For me, that’s too bad. I come to weddings with 25 years of photojournalism experience. Telling real stories with a camera is in my blood and the way I learned to use the communication tool called “photographs”. So, when you visit my website – – you will see lots of real moments that tell stories and give you a sense of who the bride and groom are on their wedding day. I hope you like what you see!

Columbia River Gorge Bride

It was a beautiful day out in the Columbia River Gorge–spring has come early this year, and the blue sky stretched above us and the air was warm.  Sarah and I walked up the path from the car, laughing and chatting in the sunshine.

This spot along the cliffs beckoned to both of us.  The rock is beautiful and the sunny blue split the image so well, catching the color in her hair wreath.

I love adventures and image stories like these.  We’re so lucky to live in a place with so many possibilities for amazing backgrounds and settings.


Aralani Photography | Adventure, Romance & Enchantment | | Blog
Weddings, engagements, elopements and portraits.

Cherry Blossom Wedding Photos

Great wedding photos by Turn Loose The Art

Today everyone can be a photographer, thanks to great advances in technology with our smartphones, tablets and compact digital cameras. It truly is wonderful that we can all capture great images since the camera is always with us (and unlike the days of film cameras) our phones are always “loaded” ready to capture any moment. The one thing our smart-devices can’t do is direct a couple into good lighting and good composition to capture the essence of who they are. That’s where a professional photographer can help you.

Jill and Jarid just eloped. No fancy ceremony, just a few close friends and family and some extra time to walk around the park and capture beautiful moments of who they are! It was mid-day and the sun was overhead and high, which doesn’t always produce flattering photos (as compared to later in the day when the sun is lower in the sky – and the light is prettier). We just found a nice patch of diffused light through the trees and had Jill and Jarid just be themselves – and at that last moment, a kiss. That’s what we mean.

An intimate elopement is still a wedding – there is still vows, maybe some tears, emotional words and meaning… two people are becoming one. Having a professional wedding photographer is even more important. It’s the only way to capture great wedding photos and moments, no matter how long or short your ceremony is. It’s even better when you have a nice sunny, spring day with the trees blossoming all around!

To see more wedding photography, be sure to check out Portland wedding photographer’s Turn Loose The Art and find out why hiring a wedding photographer is so important.

Portland Wedding Photographer  ©Deyla Huss Photography

Sometimes during all the wonderful chaos of a wedding, we tend to forget to breath and take in a moment such as this beautiful one above. We had just finished with the family formals in the church and the bride noticed this little sweet pea sitting in the pew just watching the bride in awe. The lovely bride walks up to her and sits next to her and tells her how much her duties as a flower girl meant to her and that she really appreciated her being part of her day. The look on this little flower girl’s face was priceless as she thought for a moment “WOW I feel really special!”. I loved how this little flower girl’s mother was watching in the back with tears down her face. Such a sweet moment and I was so glad I was there to catch it.

Take a moment…breath… and hug those little ones that were given very important jobs in your wedding. They will remember it always…trust me.

Deyla Huss Photography

Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig Mitchelldyer
Here is another favorite from a recent wedding we shot at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood. It’s so important to produce variety in image work by playing with things like perspective. When we shoot weddings, we try to shoot from as many angles as possible. The upper loft in the lodge provides a perfect opportunity to gaze down on ceremonies that are held inside. It wasn’t snowing, so the big window behind the seated guests was letting in a lot of light, perfectly falling on the bride and groom as they exchanged vows.

Timberline Lodge Wedding

I love photographing weddings at Timberline Lodge. If you’re looking for a majestic background for your wedding, then this is the place for you, whether you’re thinking of a white winter wedding, or a beautiful summer one. But whenever we shoot there, we never know what to expect in terms of weather, and whether the mountain will be visible or not. All of that is part of the charm of having nature as your backdrop. This season, Mt. Hood had very little snow, but that didn’t stop us from having fun shooting the wedding portraits. These two were such troopers, and willing to listen to our expertise, which we always appreciate, especially as the lighting at Timberline Lodge can be tricky to photograph.

To see more weddings photographed at Timberline Lodge, please check out my blog.

To see more of my work, please check out Portland Wedding and Portrait Photographer Evrim Icoz.

The guests enjoy cocktail hour at LeftBank Annex as they wait for the bride and groom to arrive

Cocktail hour is often when a bride and groom are off taking photos and the guests are left to their own devices… Of course, food and drinks can always help pass the time!  As photographers, we know the reception cannot start until the gorgeous couple arrives, so we make it a point to use our time well to get artistic portraits.  We work as a team with the rest of the vendors that you’ve hired, because we know that a cocktail hour should never become a cocktail two-hour.

Atelier Pictures is passionate about capturing these moments with photography and cinema. We would love to talk with you about your wedding. Contact us to schedule a consultation!

We love working with a great team of vendors!
Here are the other companies that joined us for the big celebration:
Wedding Reception at LeftBank Annex || Cake by Helen Bernhard Bakery
Catering by Vibrant Table || Decor by West Coast Event Productions
Wedding Photography by Atelier Pictures


Most of the toasting took place before it got dark. Liz and Josh had their wedding at the family ranch outside of Eugene on a hot summer day. The yard had been set up with long comfortable tables, a dessert table nearby and a well lit dance floor near the house. Dinner ran later than they had planned… the evening turned cooler and undeniably dark. The couple wanted to say thanks to everyone before they cut the cake. Their DJ brought him a mic and the crowd gathered in a little to listen. As Josh pulled out his notes, we all realized what he was up against. He was all set to wing it when the DJ pulled out his cellphone and saved the day. ;0)

The internet has a huge selection of Sunset tables available to help with your planning… even a half an hour can make a huge difference.

The moral of this story is plan your spaces carefully, you just might need a little light on a soft summer night.

Jamie Bosworth Photographer