Dance Like you Were Just Married!!!

You have planned your day… all of your day from when and where all the way down to the napkins and silverware! You have created and recreated wedding invitation lists, helped design menus, coordinated colors and toiled over cake designs. You have stressed about weather, access and where loved ones traveling to your special event will stay! Now you have stood at the alter, publicly professed your love for one another… laughed, cried, hugged loved ones, Cried and laughed again and… now what? Our suggestion, grab your family and friends and DANCE! Loosen the jacket, replace your elegant designer footwear for a planned throw-down pair of comfy sandals and let it all loose! There is truly something amazing about watching a dance floor blow up when the bride and groom dive into the middle of a sea of churning bodies that have all descended upon a particular time and place for a common and unified goal. Pick a DJ that has some chops and make sure you love their style. If you want a rocking dance floor, spend some time with a DJ service and make sure you share the concepts of what makes a thriving and enjoyable recreational environment… AKA a Rocking dance floor!!!

This is an image from Nathan and Tim’s wedding at The Gorge Crest Vineyards. The DJ was Dan of dmoefunk! This dance floor was loaded with the love, laughter and support that you would expect from such a special occasion! Enjoy your friends and your family! Enjoy your day, you earned it

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Wedding at McMenamins Kennedy School

Wedding at McMenamins Kennedy School

I love McMenamins weddings. The couples that tend to book such unique and Portland venues tend to be easy going and fun! Kat and Armen were no different! In this wedding at McMenamins Kennedy School, they had three doggies at the wedding, all dressed up, and in the middle of the reception, Armen surprised everyone when he joined the band and serenaded Kat! He was really good as well! Way to go Armen! Here is to many rocking brides and grooms. Happy Thanksgiving!

Being Thankful

Today, on Thanksgiving, I’d just like to reflect briefly on the process of being thankful. It’s so easy to fall into the business and mundanity of everyday married life once the wedding has passed. It happens slowly… almost imperceptibly… like watching hair grow. A baby comes along and you’re negotiating feeding and sleeping and the act of caring for another human being instead of yourselves. Or a baby doesn’t come along when one was very much desired, and you’re navigating the medical world trying to make this dream possible. Or life happens and you get caught up in the big issues that can weigh so heavily on marriages – house troubles, job troubles, bills, aging parents. It’s easy to forget, bit-by-bit, what drew you and your spouse together in the first place. The more time goes by, the easier it is to start shifting focus onto the irritations rather than the appreciations.

It’s my theory that this is all a part of the journey. The wave of romance that sweeps us off our feet in the beginning peters out into ripples on the shore, and from there on out we work our way through the sand. Sometimes the going is easy and sometimes it’s exhausting and feels like it will never be simple again. Throughout it all, though, we remain bound to our partner. They walk this walk with us – through the struggles… through the victories – even if it seems like we’re sometimes on opposing sides. We give each other the gift of longevity, the gift of commitment, to stay together while we struggle with our demons and while they struggle with theirs, despite – and perhaps even because of – the challenges that will inevitably come.

Days like today give us an opportunity to slow down and be thankful for their presence in our lives – bringing with them all the qualities that make them overwhelmingly lovable and frustrating as hell, all wrapped into one.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Mhari Scott | Wedding Photography for the creative soul


The Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden is a great place for a wedding if your looking for outdoors, close into Portland, and some cool variety for photography. The spaces allow for some fun creativity or are picturesque enough to keep things simple.

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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Your best friends should definitely be gathered into a group portrait at your wedding… it’s a no brainer! Some of my clients ask ahead and put it on the to-do list. Some get to their party and realize that it is a good idea… either way, it’s something you may not be able to do as often as you like. If you were to ask me, I’d say to try for this shot right before dinner. The wedding and the cocktail hour have happened and everyone is in a fine mood by then… the pressure is off and the smiles will be easy. Give your photographer a minute or two to find the right place for the size of your group and the rest of it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. The image will go down in all of your history books forever. ;0)

This tribe of best friends had a heck of a good party at the end of August. The wedding was in a private shared garden and then they moved the crowd to the beautiful rooftop of the Eastside Exchange… a perfect venue for a Portland summer night.

Come make some history with me… it will be a gas!
Jamie Bosworth Photographer


When I met with Nichole & Edmund, they were interested in hiring me to document their wedding in downtown Portland.  While discussing all the details, Nichole mentioned that they were also having a traditional Navajo wedding during the weeks leading up to their downtown Portland wedding.  I suggested the idea of combining the photography coverage to include both events and was so glad they agreed.  They were looking for some loose candid documentary photography of both their wedding celebrations but wanted to also capture some more traditional portraits of themselves and their family.

Having the benefit of capturing both celebrations, I really had the opportunity to get to know their friends and family.  The traditional Navajo wedding ceremony was thrilling to experience and a real treat to document.  The couple chose a stunning location at the foothills of Mt Hood surrounded by a heavily forested area.  The natural setting was perfect for the Navajo ceremony and served as a nice contrast to the couple’s more urban wedding celebration in downtown Portland.

Check out more highlights from the couple’s traditional Navajo wedding ceremony as well as their wedding celebration in downtown Portland.

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Grand Lodge Wedding

Nothing beats an adorable flower girl, except one with a giant pink balloon on the dance floor.  This young lady stayed up quite late for Erin & Josh’s wedding at the McMenamins Grand Lodge in Forest Grove, and even went to get her blanket, books and pillow so she could nap between dance sets.  She made all the guests incredibly happy with her jumping and sassy little dance moves.  This is why you bring adorable children to your wedding–you never know what kind of attack of cuteness you may end up with.

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Weddings are about one thing and many things all at the same time. The obvious and most defined thing is the joining together of two lives in marriage. But the other things that come into play are all the emotions and interplay of family relationships. And, then of course, there are the details of the day itself. The overall look and feel of a wedding – particularly one that is more of a DIY affair – is a direct reflection of the tastes and personalities of the couple. In the case of Kyndell and Todd’s wedding at a private home in Lake Oswego, Oregon, this past fall, their low-key, intimate wedding was a reflection of their easy-going, mellow approach to life. They wanted a small wedding, surrounded by the people they have known the longest. To capture that, I thought it was important to get an overall photo that said “small wedding, outdoor dinner and private home.” The overall photo on the right is what I found to communicate those ideas. The photo of the ducks on the left was a serendipitous moment that added humor and the “awwwww” factor to the photos. And it ended up fitting well as Todd is a very humorous man and laughter and lightness are two things Kyndell and Todd share and appreciate. When shooting a wedding, I work hard to understand what the visuals mean and capturing images that tell the viewer about who the couple is and how the evening feels. That way, when the bride and the groom and their family and friends look at the wedding photos, they not only know what happened, they can re-live the feelings and emotions that ran through them on this most important of days. To see more windows on weddings, check out

PLanning your First Look at your wedding Deyla Huss Photography
I’m sure this is going to sound like a broken record or maybe not, but I do get this question a lot, “What is a first look?”


A first look is planned before the ceremony, and usually before any family formal portraits are photographed. Typically the first look is a private moment between the couple but sometimes the couple will welcome a viewing of their first look, sometimes even the mom will bring the bride out to see her soon-to-be spouse for the first time.  Ofcourse this is NOT what you have to do, but here is why I think it helps streamline the day a bit easier for you:

*You get all the nervous jitters out before the ceremony, to make for a more comfortable and relaxing breeze down the aisle.

* You get a private moment with your partner, because you probably won’t the rest of the day.

* You and your partner will have all of your “formals” finished before so that you can just enjoy your party and not worry about the logistics. This is also a great time to have your family formals photographed after you and your spouse have yours so it doesn’t take time away from your reception or cocktail hour.

*Its a totally different reaction and feeling when you see your partner for the first time in private vs. coming down the aisle, your emotions are slightly different in private;)

If you decide to NOT see one another before the ceremony, here are a couple of things to think about when planning your day:

*Make sure to plan enough time after your ceremony for photos, sometimes after the ceremony, you and for partner may feel a bit rushed because you want to get this party started and mingle with your guests, so keep that in mind.

*Cocktail hour is a great time to plan for photos and save a few moments for some sunset shots of just you and your spouse during your reception.

*You may want to coordinate with your DJ or MC on when you will be finished with photos, so that they can plan your entrance to your reception.

OFCOURSE seeing one another for the first time walking down the aisle during your ceremony is JUST as special and beautiful and is one of my favorite moments to photograph. So you see, it is just what your preference is, there are no rules, so truly think about what you and for partner would like, not what the “hand-book” may tell you. I hope this helps.

And if you need help planning your timeline out, just ask, we are always happy to help with that!

Cheers! Deyla Huss Photography

bride portrait at kunde winery hill house

She planned a wedding only with his help, because they were in this together. There was some nervous laughter before this photo. It was still before the wedding ceremony, there was so much to do yet. But off in the distance is the hill – the hill where she’d finally get to marry him. And I fiddled a bit with my camera to make it seem like a break in between bridesmaid photos and parent photos. Fiddled just enough.

Kim let her shoulders dip – just a touch. And her arms smoothed, tension receding not in waves but in little jolts of breath. And there it was, a perfect pre-ceremony portrait that shows the exact feeling she had minutes before she and her dad drove up that hill and into a wedding ceremony under the lilting branches of a crowning tree. It’s an Un-Portrait of a Bride.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer that waits for the perfect moment to create meaningful photographs, look no further than Turn Loose the Art. To see Kim and Aaron’s entire wedding day, we’d love to share their complete story at Kunde Family Winery via their slideshow.

Bride and groom exchange vows in outdoor summer wedding

Bride and groom exchange vows in outdoor summer wedding

In light of the cold, brisk weather that we’ve settled into, here’s a throwback to one of our favorite weddings of last summer. Danielle and Patrick were married at Domaine Margelle Vineyards in Scotts Mill. Their ceremony was held under a large pine tree and the surrounding plant life created a beautiful backdrop. We were approaching the evening hour when the light becomes nice and soft, and since the ceremony faced west, we had just the right recipe for a great, back-lit photo. Here, the groom was saying his vows, which is evident in the huge smile on Danielle’s face. The vow exchange is always one of those moments when you can count on witnessing real, raw, and beautiful emotions.

Oregon Golf Club Wedding

A fun Venezuelan wedding at the Oregon Golf Club

In Venezuela, there comes a time during a wedding when all fun breaks loose – this is the start of the La Hora Loca. It is a high energy way to move to the second part of the wedding – the dance party! It is a time where props come out, and everybody dances like crazy. Thanks to the props organized by Katy from Bridal Bliss, everybody was looking awesome and Pressure Point band, one of my favorite bands killed it with the music. The groom and bride jumped on the stage and Juan with the cow bell rocked the party! There were also tequeño served – super yummy! The father and daughter dance also took a whole new level with the props for the La Hora Loca!

At the start of the day, we did a quick first look utilizing the beautiful architecture of The Nines Hotel, and then went to the beautiful Oregon Golf Club. I love working there, as the staff is always amazing, and food is great as well.

And the wedding vendors we worked were all fantastic – special thanks to Crave Design who did a wonderful job with the stationary, Greenlight Creative – they are the best in special events lighting, Zest Floral with amazing and classy flowers, Powder Inc who of course did an amazing job for Margot!

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