Paperwork Rules


Paperwork rules the wedding day even if it’s from the background. It starts with the planning notebooks and threads through vendor contracts, timelines and endless checklists. Don’t let it get you down, though… an organized wedding is a happy wedding. Paperwork sounds kind of dry and frustrating but it is the glue that will hold the day together. If you do it right, you can get up that morning and have a fine time knowing that everything is pretty much under control.

For Shannon and Amos, the last piece of the paperwork puzzle was to sign the marriage license. It was fun to watch two newly married lawyers work through the legal language with their Brooklyn judge… each state is different so the three of them were very careful to get it right.

As a photographer, I am always present at this part of the day… it’s usually done shortly after the ceremony so I always check with the officiant to see when he or she is ready. It’s part of my job to find a spot that works for the paperwork and the photography. These two got married at The Armory so Shannon was changing into her party shoes in one of the green rooms backstage… I peeked around the corner and saw this table on the main stage and thought it would make a very interesting space. The judge agreed and off we went!

I love my job!
Jamie Bosworth Photographer

A Split Second


Jaime & Zach discovered us through this very site – My Portland Photographer.  They submitted an inquiry looking for a wedding photographer who was available for their July 12, 2014 wedding and who was willing to push the creative envelope.  They didn’t want traditional wedding photography but rather were looking for something with some artistic flair.

During the planning process for their wedding, Jaime sent a handful of Pinterest boards as reference material for the style of wedding photography that interested them most.  I combined this visual reference material with my own photographic style to produce work that was unique to the couple’s day and to them as individuals.

While Jaime was getting ready, I wanted to play with her reflection in the mirror.  While mirrors conjure up all sorts of metaphorical references they also present a technical challenge of not capturing yourself in the mirror along with your subject.  When Jaime reached up to adjust her hair, it provided just the right obstruction to take me out of the reflection while at the same time delicately framing the determined look on her face.  It was one of those moments where everything falls into place for just a split second and a split second is all I need.

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I believe in sunsets. I love their beauty and power as a storytelling sidekick. I love how they make everything so beautiful and romantic and warm. I love the silhouettes I can photograph, and the way light and shadow plays off your features.

I love sunsets at weddings, and I love stealing you away from your party for 20 minutes to use this gorgeous light to show you off, to play, to invite the shadows and rays and beams to create a beautiful piece of art for you. It’s a magical time of day, and you never know what you’ll get–pinks, purples, exploding clouds, golden light beams, contrasting blacks and grays, huge cloud banks. Even if there isn’t sun, it’s often the most dramatic time of day.

So remember, as you’re planning your timeline and going over all the details of your reception, as you’re planning your engagement photos–check that sunset time. It may be the key to some of the photos you love best, and a time to sneak away into a fairytale time of day.

I promise you won’t regret it.

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First Dance to First Born!

Hannah and Ben's Wedding
Hannah and Ben were married in 2010 during an amazing Labor Day weekend event. Their wedding weekend was filled with the love, support and laughter of their family and friends. It was clear that Ben and Hannah cared deeply for each other. There was joy in the way they looked at each other when they thought no one was watching, and love expressed through words of tenderness and affection when they spoke to one another. Since then, their lives have been filled with vibrant careers and busy schedules. I’ve kept in touch with them over the years and was thrilled to learn that this past week brought with it the birth of their first child. I love many things about shooting pictures, but meeting the subject of my pictures, staying in touch with them and sharing in the joys of their lives, is the most rewarding part. So here’s to Hannah and Ben! Welcome to the planet Ronan! May your life be filled with the joy and love that surrounded your parents on the day they began their married lives together. To see more, check out

View From a Barn

Bride and groom stop in a red barn during their wedding at Mazama Ranch House

There aren’t many moments during a busy wedding day for a bride and groom to simply stop and take in the scenery. We caught this glimpse of Jodi and Jaime in the window of a barn at the Mazama Ranch House as they were able to look down at their wedding reception. This rustic location in northern Washington is beautiful. Hope to be back one day for another wedding!

Finding the right location for your Wedding Portraits

PLanning the right location for your wedding portraits

You want those beautiful photos of just you and your new spouse and have planned for them in your timeline but your not sure where to take those? Typically I scout for a location that we can use for these such photos ahead of time but LOVE it when the couple has scouted and hand picked the perfect spot for them and put a lot of thought into the time of day it will be and such. I do my best to educate my couples on when the best time of day and location type for their photos as a couple depending on the venue or near by areas. And with that advice the couple chooses a perfect spot that I may have not known about.

This beautiful couple above did just that, they were married on private property and obviously knew the property better then I and told me they had the BEST location for pre-sunset photos and I’m going to love it!  after the ceremony, we all piled in my SUV along with the videographer and the bride told us where to go and it was up a very overgrown road. Once we made it to the top and I looked back where we will be shooting, I was in awe! the light was gorgeous, the couple was completely in love and it all just worked beautifully. They were right, the location was perfect!

Take the time to go over a location with your photographer for your photos as a couple, you will not regret it.

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Skamania Lodge Wedding Photos

skamania lodge wedding photos by portland wedding photographer turn loose the art

John and Kirsten’s Skamania Lodge wedding included an unexpected aviary visitor! As it turned out their cocktail area on the back lawn of the sprawling Skamania Lodge property coincided with a wild bird demonstration from a local rescue project. I can honestly say, I’ve never been so close (about 5 feet away at one point!) to an American Bald Eagle before. Joe took the opportunity to make some truly unique wedding portraits for John and Kirsten and I’ve got to say, I doubt we’ll ever make a photo like this again.

Skamania Lodge is a lovely Columbia Gorge wedding venue location. Nestled in the hills, it’s semi-protected from the normal wind gusts the Gorge venues combat. Kirsten planned an entirely-outdoors wedding that showcased the best of the Pacific Northwest since the majority of her family flew in from California and John’s from New York. Fitting for Joe and I of course!

We’ve got a few more photos of them up on our sneak peek blog post and our Facebook page, so head on over to see more Skamania Lodge wedding photos.

Wedding Parting Shots

Amber and Ryan

Amber and Ryan’s Wedding Night parting shots at The Sentinel, Portland, OR
© juliana patrick photography


Wedding Parting Shots.  We are passionate about capturing you and your day through a collection of still imagery that truly reflects your lives, relationships and events.  We are story tellers, and what would a fabulous story be without a satisfying ending?  Have you thought about how your wedding celebration might end?  Most of our clients choose full day coverage which starts with getting ready.  Hair, Makeup, tying ties, putting shoes on…but many overlook the importance of how the night might wrap up.  Will you be whisked away on a seaplane (see Evrim’s post below) or ride off into the sunset on a white stag after running through an arch of sparklers?  Or perhaps you actually will be the last one to leave and know your guests all too well and feel the late night party might be better left to memory without photo evidence.  Whatever your plan, be sure to put a little thought into it.  (I know this is one area we neglected to visit on our own wedding day nearly a decade ago and ended up catching a ride to our after party sitting on coolers and holding hands between centerpieces piled into a car)  Because we are story tellers, we always have your story album in mind while we photograph.  Every story needs a solid beginning, highpoint and ending.  Lack any of these and it leaves one unsatisfied.  A viewer needs background info – details close in, landscapes pulled out…we want each viewer to experience the event as if they were there…even if it is your great great grand children reliving it generations later.  We often pull our guests away at the end of their photo coverage for 5-10 minutes for a quiet moment to connect.  These are a few images of Amber and Ryan sharing a moment outside and in the lobby of The Sentinel Hotel.  Here we said goodnight and the rest of their story will no doubt be…”And they Lived Happily Ever After”

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Wedding Photo Humor

Wedding Photo Humor

There are endless opportunities for beautiful, meaningful photographs during the wedding day. It is a day that is designed around these moments, and as photographers, we have a sense of where to look for them as the story of your day evolves. It’s the humorous moments that always give me pause, though – the things that stand out that were completely unexpected in the midst of the elegance of the day. This little gem was a fluke that I caught when the bridesmaid lowered the mirror as the bride was checking her reflection. In retrospect, it became a moment that put a huge smile on my face and I decided to include it in my collection of favorites from their wedding day.

Mhari Scott | Portland Wedding Photographer

Lake Oswego DIY Wedding

Lake Oswego Wedding

How’s this for a getaway after your ceremony? The vehicle of choice was a seaplane, and the couple ended up doing a tour of Portland while the guests enjoyed the cocktail hour. This was such a fun wedding to shoot. The couple was super nice, and they decided on a DIY wedding. I love shooting DIY weddings because they have the best personal touches. The location was the property of a friend of the family, the out of town guests were camping there, the coordinator and officiant were close friends, and it seemed like everyone participated in the wedding planning and prep that day. The entire wedding party was involved, and in the end, it was even more memorable because of it. The food turned out amazing, and the DJs had everyone on the dance floor all night long. I cannot wait to finish editing this wedding.

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Wedding Toasts

The bride claps with joy as she is toasted at her wedding.

I’m amazed at the potential of what can be said during a wedding toast.  In many ways it is impossible to predict what will happen when the maid of honor, best man, or father of the bride shares about the lovely couple during the wedding reception.

Yes, we all know the potential of a bombshell, terrible speech that might be depicted in a Saturday Night Live sketch or the opening minutes of Old School (2003).  Of course, these moments offer great entertainment for the viewer, but as funny as they can be on the screen it is not really an ideal scenario.

The amazing part that I am trying to point out is that the people closest to the bride and groom have an opportunity that our day-to-day lives rarely offer.   How often have you been publicly raised up and honored in a toast?  How often has someone spoken aloud all the reasons they are proud of you?

Being able to witness these speeches from the viewpoint of photography and cinematography is such an honor.  We often watch the bride, groom, and loved ones become overwhelmed with emotion.  And whether these emotions are expressed in tears or laughter, it is a moment worth capturing.

Atelier Pictures is passionate about wedding photography and videography.  We would love to talk with you about your wedding, contact us to schedule a consultation!

Wedding Shoes

Wedding shoes can be such a fun detail to shoot and these days there are so many styles from formal to casual. The grooms even have cool shoes quite often and there is a variety of fun ideas to capture the unique style brides and grooms bring to their day. Certainly you can look up or research current trends and styles, but I love when brides and grooms just wear what reflects them. To see some real flavor in terms of style I think it needs to be personal and forget a little about what is hot and what is not and just go for what is genuine.

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First Dance


The first dance as newlyweds is always pretty special. As I watched Shannon and Amos twirling across the floor at the Armory, their smiles kept getting brighter and, soon, the whole crowd was smiling with them. That kind of happy is contagious and that is a good thing. ;0)

I know that when we think of destination weddings, we think of places other than Portland but if the couple and most of the guests are coming in from out of town, that makes this a destination wedding, right? That means our job as local vendors is to make these people happy to be here. Portland’s Armory, also known as the Gerding Theater at the Armory, is a fine place to stage a wedding. I must confess that I was surprised to have a mid-July couple having an indoor event… so many of our local couples are hell bent on vineyards and gardens for their summer nuptials because the weather is finally ready to cooperate. This couple, from New York, were actually quite lucky to be at the Armory… that weekend was one of our recent high 90°s spells. Once inside this sturdy old building, everyone was very comfortable.

A first dance in a cool and interesting space filled with your family and friends… what’s not to like? Come talk to me if you are planning a wedding… there is plenty of information to share. ;0)

Jamie Bosworth Photographer