It was an honor to fly out to Boston to document Antonia and Jared’s wedding celebration.

The day began at the Royal Sonesta Boston Hotel with Antonia and Jared getting ready in their respective rooms.  The spectacular view of the Charles River and Boston skyline is one of the signature elements of the hotel.  So, when Antonia and Jared had an opportunity to see each other for the first time on their wedding day, we made sure to incorporate the signature vista of downtown Boston.

The location was absolutely perfect for capturing photos.  Following the couple’s first moment, we headed outside along the waterfront to capture photos with family members.  The ceremony and reception were held at the historic Harvard Club of Boston, just a short 10 minute drive away.  However, our travel time coincided with the start of a Boston Red Sox game, so we made sure to buffer in some extra time for travel.  For the record, the Red Sox beat the Baltimore Orioles that day 8-0.

Special thanks to Adrienne with Gracie Lou Events for coordinating such a fabulous day.

Our camera bags are always packed and ready to go.  Where should we head off to next?

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Ryan and Steffany had their wedding reception at Paragon restaurant in the Pearl. They were keen on the idea of having some urban shots in Portlands Pearl district. I love doing these kinds of photos, taking in the current conditions; Portland is changing so rapidly that in just a few years from now this view up NW 13th Ave. will likely be quite different than it appears in the summer of 2015. Just as it now looks radically different than it did ten years ago. Just married. time and place recorded.

Rebekah Johnson Photography Present.


Oh, summer in Central Oregon.  The magical evening light makes for a gorgeous, romantic backdrop for adventurous, outdoor-loving souls like Kelly & Gabe.  They hosted their wedding at Aspen Lakes Golf Course, just outside Sisters.  The wind had blown out much of the smoke from the wildfires, and we had a glowing, golden evening out on the golf course.  I love how the light wraps around them.

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Portland Engagement and Wedding Photography Deyla Huss Photography

“Don’t worry I got you” he said once, and there was total trust of course. These two smitten kittens wanted to go on a little bit of adventure for their fall engagement portraits and so we did just that. We started off at the river at Oxbow Regional Park and wondered through there trees and on the river. this beautiful bride-to-be brought a warm Pendleton Wool Blanket, custom marshmallows, some cool camping mugs, and a whole lot of cuddling. You can see the rest of Part Two of this engagement session HERE and if you missed part one of their shoot, click HERE for that as well.

Have fun with your engagement session, bring props if you want to add a little something more to it. And most of all just enjoy eachother:)

Happy Fall!

Deyla Huss Photography

Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer 503.513.0550

Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer

Last week we posted a photo from Katie and Matthew’s ceremony at Castaway. As we always do at weddings, we kept an eye out after the ceremony in anticipation of a sunset since there was intermittent cloud cover. Sure enough, a beautiful sunset lit the sky, so we snuck the bride and groom outside for a few minutes. Katie told us that she liked an urban style for her photos, so we placed them on the street in front of two red brick buildings. To see more from this wedding, visit a sneak peek album here.



Amber and Ryan walk up the stairwell at St Patrick

Amber and Ryan walk up the stairwell at St Patrick’s Cathedral after their first look. ©juliana patrick photography Contact us at 503. 318. 5160

Joining Your Lives on Your Wedding Day

It is no easy task when two adults decide to join their lives together. Let’s get real for a moment and dispense with emotional issues just for a second… the nuts and bolts if you will! There is a pretty serious issue with passwords.. I mean your clever and seemingly unbreakable personal passwords can’t be recycled on to a joint account, can they? Yo may be very attached to them… they’re the ones you used for your first email site. They helped you log into ebay to bid on all of those amazing and essential items! We have all put in so much time developing a password system that is possible to remember at 2:00am on a Tuesday when you suddenly awake from slumber realizing that earlier that day you returned your last Homeland Blue-Ray and there is nothing else in the queue! What the Heck are you going to do Wednesday night???!!! All of these things have to be revisited and re calibrated so they work with your new and improved identity! The largest of these changes are, of course, realizing that I just became we in all aspects of your life… The past will be yours forever but there is a pretty drastic and official change in context for the present and the future. It is amazing to see this sink in… some couples have come to terms with this concept years before they said “I do” and some take a bit more time to let it sink in… but it does, and it is exciting to watch! We see this transformation, or at least the conceptual visual manifestation of it, in the images of our couples when they walk away from us and move on to the next phase of their wedding day. They think all the shots are over and now they need to be ready for the next big thing… in the above case it was the ceremony. We get to see them function as they will in life together… sharing excitement, planning and taking it all on as a couple! We do love to photograph this moment and we always have a warm feelings in our hearts when we see it happen!

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Okay, for fun I will pass this advise on… If you already do it… awesome!

(Password Creation Tip: Try coming up with a phrase that you like and only using the first or second letter of the words in it. Always capitalize  the same few as you go… Such as: You Cant Teach an Old Dog New Tricks… then add a number or two to make it unbreakable… 31 sooooo…  YctaOdnT31 !!! This is advise from the man that used to run the computer system for the Pentagon… It’s solid!!!)


Wine Country weddings typically bring to mind a beautiful rustic setting… many times there are picnic tables and wine barrels festooned with great earthy sunflowers… the big red barn or cool old tasting rooms are the norm. The summer views are always stellar and the ceremonies are mostly under the bright blue Oregon skies.

Denise and Bruce opted for something more in the luxury category when they made their plans. There is a grand place in Newberg called the Allison Inn and Spa
tailor made for a ritzy experience. The original plans called for a lot of the day to be held outdoors on the lush grounds. The last minute change to the indoors was brought on by another day in the mid- ’90s… a temperature we have become too acquainted with this summer. So, the short ceremony was in one of the gardens but everyone was relieved to have the rest of the celebration inside… we might not have had that option at many of the wineries down the road in Oregon’s wine country.

Jamie Bosworth Photographer


Absolutely no spirits were dampened by the rain that met Liz and Andriano when they gathered on the roof of The Exchange Ballroom prior to their wedding. “It’s Portland!” they exclaimed, and, it felt right, even welcomed, especially after the driest summer ever! Luckily, the clouds did part in  time for the couples rooftop wedding; I only brought five umbrellas!

Rebekah Johnson Photography weather ready.

Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photographer   MPP092815One of the fun things about being a photographer is capturing a look at something that no one in the room saw. Sometimes it’s a fleeting expression or an unexpected gesture that got missed. But most of the time it’s simply looking around and seeing things from a different angle or a different vantage point. In this photo, I looked away from where the bride was getting her makeup done and saw two mirrors that captured the scene perfectly. There many pictures made during the getting ready part of any wedding day. While they are all different because the subject matter is different, it’s always good to keep a fresh eye out for something unique. To see more unique wedding photographs (with and without mirrors), check out

Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer 503.513.0550

Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer

As far as local venus go, we are a big fan of Castaway in NW Portland. A warehouse in the early 1900’s, the building was restored to its original state and made into a perfect urban wedding space. The setting sun cast a nice, soft light on Katie and Matthew’s west-facing ceremony last weekend. To see more from this wedding, visit our sneak peek album here.


Oregon & Washington Wedding Photographer Deyla Huss Photography

I typically take a few moments before the ceremony begins to get a beautiful bridal portrait whether its outside or in, making sure you capture this heirloom is very important not only for you but for your children and someday grandchildren. I love this photo of this beautiful bride, I felt it fit well with her wedding in the forest at the Summit Lodge. It captured her in the moment and showcasing her surroundings a bit as well.

I love looking at my Grandmother’s bridal portrait, having this piece of history in my family, it has been so fun showing my daughter this portrait of her great-grandmother as well. There are so many ways to capture these, classic sitting in a beautiful chair next to the window light, in the great hall area of the ballroom in front of the big gorgeous mirror, etc.

If you would like to see the rest of this stunning wedding, please go HERE

Happy Friday!

Deyla Huss Photography 

A moment after their ceremony just before sunset, Andrew dips his bride at Tetherow, in Bend, Oregon                    juliana patrick photography     -     -     503.318.5160

A moment after their ceremony just before sunset, Andrew dips his bride at Tetherow, in Bend, Oregon
juliana patrick photography – – 503.318.5160

When you marry your best friend it shows.  Who else would you want by your side through thick and thin to experience life’s adventures with?  I married my best friend and it is so fun when we get to captures others with such deep bonds who share the magic.

This is Lindsay and Andrew enjoying some magnificent rays of sunshine just after their ceremony at Tetherow in Bend Oregon.  Happy Anniversary Lindsay & Andrew!  We are remembering this magical day and truly value your friendship.

After sharing such momentous occasions and celebrating alongside the family and friends of our couples, it’s hard not to call them special friends beyond the big day.  We are blessed with our relationships and cherish each one.


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