Elizabeth & Davonte were married at The Bridal Veil Lakes in the Columbia River Gorge.  The surroundings are true Pacific Northwest wonderland–tall trees, lush greenery, beautiful views stretching out into the Gorge, grassy fields, and some lovely tucked-away spots like this one, where the bride and groom could snuggle a bit before the reception started.

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The Bridal Bouquet in the morning fog

This bridal bouquet resting on a bench, speaks for the dramatic tone of the morning preparation on the wedding day. Shifting fog might obscure the sunrise, but pausing in the calm of the morning can give the rest of the day a canvas to paint on.

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From the wildly elaborate to the elegantly simple, wedding dessert tables have a personality that is as diverse as the couples who design and create them.  Cakes, candy bars, and doughnut displays have all graced the tables of local Portland weddings.  They are kid friendly and guest favorites for the evening.

Adam and Josh put together the most magnificent dessert table for their wedding day and the guests absolutely loved it.  Cake for some and candy for all.  What a great way to celebrate the day.

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The question that gets asked is “When should we do our family and wedding party photos?” The answer that you will hear from me is, do them ahead of the ceremony if you can… with very few exceptions it is the best route for a wedding day full of emotional truths.

Look at it this way, if all of the planned group photos are done beforehand, then you both get to enjoy your crowd fully and immediately… that makes them happy, too. ;0) Imagine the difference between that and having to disconnect for an hour of family shots!

How about the portraits of just the two of you, you ask? Spend some time with your people and, depending on the light, take a little time for some romantic portraits. You will be breathing again by then and relaxed enough to be in the moment for some very special images.

Just about every wedding has a timeline that will allow a couple of short sessions in sweet light… your photographer should line out the times that might work best for your particular day. Trust me… you won’t regret having made the effort. Years from now you will have those lovely pictures of the two of you… forever young and so very much in love.

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Meredith and Will love going wine tasting together, and spending time out at the wineries near Dundee, Oregon.  When it came time to choose a location for their engagement portraits, they made arrangements for us to visit Alexana Winery, and Hawkins Cellars.  This image came from Alexana, a gorgeous piece of property with views stretching on forever, and a beautiful oak lane.  I love the old-world feel of this place.  It fits Meredith and Will so well.

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Weddings, engagements, elopements and portraits.

Portland_Oregon_Wedding_Photography -- MPP1 copyWedding pictures should tell the whole story of your wedding day. For the photographer, that often means arriving before the bride arrives at the venue and leaving after the last guest has headed home. But no matter the amount of time a photographer spends photographing your wedding, the end results should tell you everything you want to know about your wedding day, right down to detail photos of the chairs. And the chairs can tell you a lot about a wedding! And, years from now, when you are celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary, the picture of the chairs can help settle the disagreement about whether they were folding chairs or fancy wooden chairs. Think of the issues a good photographer can save you years after your wedding!! To check out more discussion solving photos, check out

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Lifestyle Session Iconic Haystack Rock – Cannon Beach, Oregon © juliana patrick photography
juliana patrick photography 503.318.5160

Lifestyle Session at iconic Haystack Rock.

Ahhh, is there anything more iconic on the Oregon Coastline than sandy beaches and Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach? The Oregon coast is stunning in it’s beauty and is always a spectacular way to spend a day.  Step barefoot on the soft sandy beaches, breathe in the fresh ocean air, explore tidepools & caves and revive your soul in the ocean.  Spend the day with the one you love most and you have a perfect day!

This is one of the many images captured from Chandler & Taylor’s recent Lifestyle Session at Hug Point State Park .  They were so much fun to work with!  When our couples naturally fall into each other and just are themselves, our work no longer becomes work and is just pure joy.  We look forward to photographing their wedding this summer!

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Juliana + Ryan

Bryan + Michelle, A Kauai Wedding

Many people are familiar with the “Golden Hour,” which is the last hour before the sun sets. There is often a gorgeous glow falling on the lanscape, which can make for some amazing images.

The great thing is that even after the sun sets and “Golden Hour” is history, there is an equally exciting effect called the “Blue Hour.” Every lighting scenario creates opportunities for different images, which is why we love to photograph in various lighting scenarios!

Atelier Pictures loves photographing during the “Blue Hour” and the “Golden Hour”. Let’s talk more about Photography + Videography. Contact us to set up a consultation!


An older bride has decided she is not worried about following the rules. Not going to go by the magazine lists… certainly not into bling in the normal sense of the word. Trends come and go but if a wedding can be a personal thing, then trends don’t count unless you happen to like them in real life, right? She has seen some really creative ring styles and the freedom from the diamond life suits her. A silver band with a blue moonstone does the trick.
This piece was designed by Jan Gordon at the Real Mother Goose.

I got to photograph the ring without the pressure of the wedding day itself… the styling was something we had time to play with… highly recommended if you and your photographer can make it work. ;0)

So, one ring. It will be the engagement ring until the wedding day. That day, it will be given again as the only ring. He can’t wear a ring safely in his job so none for him… maybe after he retires instead. Maybe they renew their vows when that milestone is reached.

Meanwhile, they are planning an intimate celebration with the chosen family of friends… people so closely entwined in their lives… that’s the important part. The ring is just the icing on the cake.

Jamie Bosworth Photographer

Portland_Oregon_Wedding_Photography -- MPP2 copyAdding balloons to your group photo can make it a much more interesting picture. Any time you can add an new or unexpected element to group shots, the better the results.
In this case, the idea of having everyone in the group shot hold a balloon and let it go, added a fun element to what would otherwise be a nice but not always memorable photograph. To see more memorable photographs, check out


So before the wedding while the bride is getting ready, I will check in on the groomsmen, where, typically it’s a much quieter scene. Seems most men can get dressed by themselves, who knew? But up in the girls room it takes a village, as seen here at Michelle and Quaines wedding at The Dove House. I love shooting the women in that scene, but I was pretty pleased with scene in the mans cave in the basement too!

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