You got to love the unplanned elements of a wedding-or at least most of them. I think perhaps there is an art to the photo bomb and blended with the,often intended elegance, of a wedding it seems to add another layer of humor. These are the brothers of the groom and I think it is as much about brothers being brothers as anything. I have a brother and it seems no matter how old you get it never gets old to mess with them a little.

Have fun at your wedding and cut loose.

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Once upon a time, there was a rehearsal dinner at a beautiful California vineyard in Sutter Creek, right in the foothills of the Sierras. Kenrick and Lindy had everyone fly in for this wonderful weekend. They had hired me completely over the phone… we had some long conversations and many e mails and found that we were a good fit. It was nice to get to know them a little better at the rehearsal and to be made welcome into their good crowd. The wedding went off the next day to great success… astounding food, fancy dancing and, for the end of the night, a local bowling alley complete with disco lights.

Fast forward to this coming January and you will find me in Old Town Alexandria happily covering his brother’s wedding. (Kenrick is the man in the cool hat and Chris is the man receiving a really nice bottle of single malt.) For Jennifer and Chris, all of our planning has been over the phone and in e mails but I’m pretty sure I am going to know some of the crowd a little better at the upcoming rehearsal dinner. I can’t wait!

Destination weddings? You bet!
Jamie Bosworth Photographer

Wedding ceremony at Summit Grove Lodge

Wedding ceremony at Summit Grove Lodge

The rustic elegance and pristine setting of Summit Grove Lodge makes it the perfect location for wedding celebrations.  The lodge is set on 5 acres surrounded by old growth forest and nature trails with sculpted rock waterfalls and meticulous landscaping.

The all weather garden area includes a Pacific Northwest style gazebo and a very cozy fire pit perfect for any wedding ceremony.  The main lodge includes original cedar-log walls, fir beams and flooring, and boasts a 20-foot vaulted ceiling.  The lodge is truly spectacular and can seat dinner for up to 150 for a reception.

During Jamie & Tony’s wedding ceremony, sun streamed through the tree lines creating a very beautiful moment as the couple exchanged their wedding vows.  A member of Jamie’s family once owned the property so when it came time for the couple to choose a location for their wedding day, Summit Grove Lodge seemed like the perfect choice.  And it was the perfect choice.

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When Emily Rose was planning her wedding there was no doubt about who would take on the very important job of being flower girls. Emily chose the girls that she has been a Nanny to for some time now  as they are like family to her and she to them. I think for the most part they took their jobs quite seriously and did a swell job. Anyone who knows me, knows I love to photograph children so as you can guess I had a field day with them. I think I did a pretty swell job too!


Rebekah Johnson Photography


The Miller Farm Retreat in Parkdale, Oregon is one of my new favorite venues.  Towering trees, an epic view of Mt. Hood, a fantastic host family, surrounding orchards, beautiful accommodations and being able to stay at your venue for the entire weekend make it a truly exceptional place.  Lauren & Paul were married there on a glorious August evening.  I loved their colors–the perfect compliment for their woodland atmosphere.  The hats with pink bands to match their ties and bridesmaid gowns was a great finishing touch.

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Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photography  - MPP102014
There are many “firsts” at weddings: the first kiss, the first time a couple is presented as “Mr & Mrs” and, of course, the first dance. Of all those firsts, the first dance is my favorite! It always seems as though as soon as the music starts, the couple sees only each other in the room. They talk and laugh and kiss as they glide along the dance floor as if no one is watching. Okay, some don’t glide as well as others, but it’s always a beautiful and heartwarming part of the day. Maybe it’s because this is something they have practiced together and they are so focused on getting it right that they only have eyes for each other. Maybe it’s because they are a bit “on stage” that they turn to each other for reassurance. Or maybe it’s because it’s the first time during the day that they get to relax, take a deep breath and realize that all this excitement has meant they are now a married couple. Whatever the reason, like Danielle and Casey here at Postlewaits, no matter how the first dance goes, every once in a while it ends with a stylish dip. To see more firsts, check out

October 17, 2014; Portland, OR, USA; Timbers Army members Sunday White and Heidi Koenig get married in section 107 before the match at Providence Park. Photo: Craig Mitchelldyer-Portland Timbers

Many people know that not only do I shoot 30-40 weddings every year, but I also shoot tons of sporting events for various teams and publications, including the Portland Timbers. I often feel that my sports photography background helps me with capturing moments at weddings. Tonight, my sports and wedding worlds collided when two members of the Timbers Army – Sunday and Heidi – decided to hold their wedding in Section 107 with 20,000 of their friends before the match at Providence Park. It was fantastic. Here is my favorite image. Be sure to see more of my sports and wedding photography on my website!

peninsula park wedding ceremony

One of them is a Portland native, one of them thought Portland sounded like a cool place to get hitched. One of them jumped at the chance to go running through the Peninsula Park fountain after their wedding ceremony and one went along for the splashing jog. One of them sang karaoke on the school bus shuttle en route to the ceremony, the other was on the receiving end of a beer fountain. One of them calmly waited beneath the perfectly shaped trees of Peninsula Park’s immaculate gardens while the other stepped slowly towards him with mindful intent. It wasn’t always the same person that started each act, but it was the two of them jointly marrying in a beautiful and touching Peninsula Park wedding ceremony.

Emily and Joe brought joy to their day in ways hard to describe with words. They thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the day – and most importantly were completely present at each part as well. I couldn’t have asked for a better day with them. To see more photos of their Peninsula Park wedding and Union Pine wedding reception, check out our blog showcase of their wedding day. If you’re looking for the perfect role models in planning a fun and laid-back wedding, you’ve found them.

Portland Wedding Photographer Deyla Huss Photography

Oregon private estate wedding

©Deyla Huss Photography 2014

Capturing those unexpected moments at your wedding are just part of what you can expect from Deyla Huss Photography. sometimes these things happen and sometimes know one else but a few will see it happen because like this scene from Heather & Todd’s lovely private estate wedding, they were in the middle of a prayer and a gust of wind blew her veil right over his head and he didn’t notice it until the bride started to laugh! It stayed like that for a while after the prayer too :) These simple yet important parts of your wedding day are what capture your wedding day story in it’s entirety. To see the rest of their beautiful happy day, please visit our recent blog post HERE. I would LOVE to chat with you more about capturing your love story, feel free to check out more about us at Deyla Huss Photography! Cheers!

Shaina and David joyfully hold on during the Hora at their wedding celebration at Pure Space, Portland, OR © juliana patrick photography 2014 - all rights reserved

Shaina and David joyfully hold on during the Hora at their wedding celebration at Pure Space, Portland, OR
© juliana patrick photography 2014 – all rights reserved

The Hora!

Shaina and David were married at Pure Space in NW Portland in the Jewish tradition.  If you haven’t had that opportunity and good fortune to be a part of a Jewish wedding, cross your fingers and hope you get lucky because it is FUN!  To call attention to only one of the many traditions that are experienced at a wedding like this may seem exclusive but the moment we wait with excitement for is the Hora!  The Hora has been tradition for around 100 years and when you take part in it you can see why!  Hava Nagila’ plays loudly and strong people in the crowd hoist the bride and groom up on chairs and lift them up and down over and over as the crowd presses in and out dancing!  Awesome!  Sometimes there is a hankerchief between the bride and groom but we have seen it with and without the handkerchief. Believe me it is hard to not just jump right in!  It’s hard not to get swept away in the moment when you are in the middle of a frenzied celebration hoisting your beloved bride and groom in the air while trying not to drop them.  It’s also extremely hard not to dance, even as the photographer, although it seems that all of the people in the crowd are constantly encouraging us to do just that!  All horas keep us on our toes when we photograph as you never know which direction the crowd will shift or how the crowd with expand and contract on the dance floor.  Shaina and David had an infectiously fun wedding! 

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Leach Botanical Garden wedding ceremony

Leach Botanical Garden wedding ceremony

Leach Botanical Garden is a very special place for me – it is a place I feel connected to earth and nature, a very peaceful place, an oasis in the middle of Portland. I was thrilled to photograph this Turkish – American wedding at the Leach Botanical Garden (click the link for another Turkish – American wedding I photographed). Zeynep and Michael met at yoga and cultivated a beautiful relationship. Their ceremony reflected the nature of the harmony they brought to their relationship, their individual cultures and their passion for yoga and spirituality. Their officiant Paul was their yoga instructor (also the tallest wedding officiant I ever worked with). At one point,  Paul asked everyone to hold hands and create a unity circle. It was a very special moment where everybody was connected. At the end of the ceremony, they cut the ribbon that connected the rings, a Turkish wedding tradition.

Beautiful Wedding Sunset

This year, many of my wedding couples have expressed interest in escaping their reception at sunset to take some portraits in the evening light. This can take a little bit of logistical planning, as, depending on the time of year, the sunset time might fall anywhere from 4:30pm to 9:30pm. We will often bookmark the 30 minutes around the scheduled sunset time to sneak out for photos, but even with the best of planning, sometimes sunset surprises you. During Danielle and Michael’s wedding, rays of sun appeared in huge streaks across the sky about 45 minutes before sunset was scheduled to occur. Sometimes, the magnificence of the sunset happens 10 or 15 minutes after the sun has actually dipped below the horizon, and the sky explodes into gorgeous arrays of color. Sometimes the sunset itself is fairly ho-hum, but the soft, bluish light that occurs right at twilight lends itself to soft and beautiful portraits.

I’m always enthusiastic when couples express interest in sunset photos, with the added advice that flexibility is key. Different sunsets lend themselves to different types of approaches. The sunset above was perfect for a stunning silhouette against the sky. Sometimes the landscape and colors work best when images are taken in the opposite direction, with orange or pinkish light grazing the scenery behind. Had Danielle and Michael not been able to excuse themselves from their reception at this early point, their sunset wedding portrait would have looked very different. Had sunset taken place during their toasts, they would have missed it entirely.

But what if Danielle and Michael didn’t really care about sunset photos? What if they would have preferred to have more dancing photos with their friends and family instead of sneaking off for evening portraits? It may not matter how amazing the sky was if a favorite aunt had to leave early and you missed your chance to dance with her.

I’m a big fan of prioritizing first, then working your schedule around those priorities. Because of that, each of our clients, especially if they don’t have the luxury of a wedding planner, gets in-depth scheduling planning along with their wedding photography services. Making sure that you and your fiancé and your photographer are all on the same page with regard to what you most want to walk away with (and how much time to spend capturing it) is one of the best ways your photographer can help you to make sure you’re happy with your wedding photos and your experience of the wedding day. Above all, your photographer wants you to walk away happy, so don’t be afraid to let them know how they can best help you .

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A group of bridesmaids laugh and enjoy their best friend


We love to meet your friends and family.  As we observe the community that surrounds you on the wedding day, we get to see the people who have been the biggest influence in your life.  It is very rare to have so many of your favorite people in the same place simultaneously.

In the midst of the wedding day stress, don’t forget to tell your bridesmaids and groomsmen to have some fun.  Live it up a little bit and get some laughter in the air!

Our passion is for documenting, and capturing moments like these.  We would love to talk with you here at Atelier Pictures about your wedding, so contact us to schedule a consultation.