A Carpet of Roses in Abigail’s Garden

a-carpet-of-roses-in-abigails-garden-jamie-bosworth-photographer Rose petals, you can’t leave them on the ground… most of the time you have to scoop them up and toss them in the air… it might be the little kid in all of us. PJ and Leanne were no exception. Earlier in the day, these had been a carefully sculpted carpet of roses leading the way to the alter at Abigail’s Garden. It was lovely and maybe more so because it only lasted a little while… the pattern was scattered and bruised by the bridal party’s passage.

Fast forward a couple of hours… dinner was winding down on the hill above us but we had a few minutes of gorgeous light to play in before they had to go back to the crowd… the first thing PJ did was shower his new bride in rose petals. They were both a little giddy from a day well done and it took a few minutes to get down to the business of romantic portraits… although, truth be told, the flower showers and the laughing faces were my favorites.

Crystal Lillies did all of the lovely flowers for the day but the carpet was special and it was fun to watch it become part of the play. ;0)

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Jamie Bosworth Photographer

Wedding Day Laughter

wedding-day-laughter-paul-rich-studio Wedding day laughter is delightful to see and extremely exciting to capture as a wedding photographer.

It happens between guests, family members, and most often between a newlywed bride and groom.  The happiness and joy is pure and it fills the room.

Anna & Brit were surrounded by their closest friends and family members during their intimate wedding ceremony at the Barlow Community Church in Canby, OR.  Following the ceremony, guests gathered at Anna’s sister’s house for a quaint afternoon wedding reception.  Prior to entering the house, Brit was approached by a couple of guests asking to speak with him.  There was a bit of confusion about what was going on and during all the chaos, Brit’s brother-in-law locked a ball and chain to his leg.  The ol’ ball and chain is a tradition in Anna’s family for any new member entering into the family through marriage.  Brit made his way around the wedding reception carrying the ball and chain and had to ask guests for the key.  It took awhile, but he was finally freed.

The couple then enjoyed their first dance together as husband and wife.  This particular moment of wedding day laughter is a moment I will always remember about their wedding day.  Their day was simple, stress-free, and full of love.

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Put A Veil On It

Wedding Veils Bobbie wore a beautiful floor-length veil to her wedding on the Oregon Coast in Gearhart.  The wind picked it up and twirled it around during the ceremony and later on.  I loved her veil–as you can see, we had a lot of fun with it during portraits!

If you’re on the fence about wearing a veil at your wedding, here are a few considerations for you:

  1. Use Pinterest, bridal magazines and wedding blogs to see if veils appeal to you, especially with your dress style, venue and lighting.
  2. Veils come in so many types—try on different styles.  If you don’t want a big, heavy, floofy veil, consider thin netting with light or no edging on it—it almost isn’t there, but adds a bit of elegance.  Long, nearly-transparent veils are gorgeous in outdoor locations.  A birdcage veil can add that final pop of sass.  Beaded edging can add sparkle to a simple gown.   Many shops (like August Veils at the Bridal Loft) will make a custom veil for you.
  3. Think about it as a prop!  A veil will catch the wind, filter the light, and add a beautiful extra dimension to portraits.
  4. If you’re a little self-conscious about your arms and you’re rocking that strapless/sleeveless gown, a mid-length or longer veil can effortlessly cover and soften.
  5. You don’t have to wear it the entire day!  Many of my brides only wear their veils for their couple portraits, or just the ceremony and portraits.  They are rarely worn during the reception.

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Getting Ready Wedding Photos

portland_oregon_wedding_photographer-mpp041414 Some of the best moments at a wedding occur when the bride and groom are getting ready. It’s a time when bridesmaids get to pamper the bride. Whether it’s helping getting her hair and makeup just right, or calming anxious jitters, that time just before the ceremony is precious and memorable. Sometimes it feels like a slumber party that has been shared so many times over the years. When close friends help each other they laugh and compare stories and make new memories. Those are important moments. While some brides don’t want a photographer present because their hair isn’t just so or the makeup isn’t applied yet, it’s always a part of the wedding day when memorable moments are captured forever. At this wedding at the Greyfield Inn on Cumberland Island, Georgia, the bride and her closest friend enjoyed a wonderful couple of hours leisurely getting their hair done and going over great memories from past experiences together. If you are a bride who is hesitant to have a photographer in the room when you and your bridesmaids are getting ready, you might want to rethink that decision. If you choose to let that part of your day be covered, you will end up with images that will be with you for the rest of your life. To see more images that will last a lifetime, check out

DIY Wedding

rebekah-johnson-photography-wedding-yawn It happens. And your intrepid photographer couldn’t ignore this, oh so real, moment. Forgive me, but, as a public service I have used this image to illustrate the sure effects of DIY overload.

Hope and Kyle’s’ country wedding was a lovely affair. And Hope had a hand in making all the wedding food, the grand four tier wedding cake, the favors, the table settings, the signage, the bridesmaids dresses and, finally, up all night making the perfect bridal party flowers. Of course she had a wonderful, if blurred, time as did all the treated guests, and thank goodness I was there to document the festivities and all her hard work, and as pictured, her utter exhaustion. But, my one word of advice to future brides, is, delegate.

And there you have it, sage advice from Rebekah Johnson Photography, come see about me.

Why Kids Steal the Show

batkid wedding costume at gorge crest vineyards wedding Sometimes you just can’t do anything but smile. There are a lot of adults-only weddings out there and we know why, and we agree there’s a time and place. But there’s something about kids at weddings that you just can’t replace. Such is the case at Nathan and Melissa’s Gorge Crest Vineyards wedding this past autumn.

This little guy donned typical and proper wedding clothes earlier for the afternoon ceremony overlooking the vineyards and Mt. Hood. I think his parents chose to get him ready for the ride home and changed him into his pajamas later in the evening. Regardless, this little BatKid was stealing the show on the dance floor, and that was even before the bubble machine started up! The reason kids steal the show is because they are always doing exactly what we all go to a wedding to do: feel freely and enjoy thoroughly. Bubbles make him happy, the beat and lights only added to the mood. His unabashed joy on the dance floor was infectious and soon everyone around him was swaying and grooving too.

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Vineyard Weddings

St. Josef One of the most amazing luxuries of the Pacific Northwest (as far as weddings go) is the near-guarantee of perfect weather for the months of July and August. Because of our amazing summer forecasts and the extraordinary landscape, we have an incredible array of venues offering beautiful outdoor settings for both the wedding ceremony and reception. While, across much of the country, many outdoor weddings find their only options to be golf and country clubs, here in the Pacific Northwest, we have bed & breakfasts, mountain resorts, farms, and one of our favorite venue options; the vineyard.

Refined, elegant, and bridging the gap between intimate and expansive, working vineyards, with their rows upon rows of grapevines stretching off into the distance, offer both gorgeous scenery for your wedding photos as well as seclusion from the world around you. Lindsey and John’s vineyard wedding, at St. Josef’s Winery in Canby, OR, is one of these many beautiful venues. With a Hungarian-themed building sitting behind a sweet little cobblestone courtyard, it feels a bit like you’ve been whisked away to another land – to an afternoon vacation in Europe, just an hour away from home.

You can see more from Lindsey and John’s St. Josef’s winery wedding on my blog.

Mhari Scott | Portland Wedding Photographer

A Bicycle Built for Two

bicycle-built-for-two-jamie-bosworth-photographer A bicycle built for two requires a very special teamwork… these two people have that teamwork in spades! Lindy and Kenrick have an anniversary coming up soon and I always think of this image from their rehearsal dinner. This was a true destination wedding with most everyone flying out from the east coast and me flying down from Portland… Sacramento was the airport and then there was a fabulous drive east to the foothills of the Sierras. The destination was the town of Sutter Creek. The rehearsal dinner and the wedding were held at Avio Vineyards just on the edge of town.
Avio is a delightful blend of rustic and classy with peacocks roaming the grounds and views out over the soft hills. Dinner was set with this view in mind and everyone was having a fine time. Before dessert was served, Lindy’s dad took Kenrick for a walk ostensibly to give him some advice… meanwhile, Lindy was pulling this red tandem bike out of the shed, making sure the bow was secure. You can probably imagine the surprise on his face when he came back! They took the bike up to the parking area immediately and took a spin in the fading light… perfect teamwork!

Destination weddings also require teamwork. As a photographer available for travel, I have a few pieces of advice about the process. Plan on bringing in your photographic team a day early at least… it offers some very real insurance that they will be there on time and rested for your wedding day. It will also give them a chance to deal with possible lost or damaged equipment… these days, rental gear can usually be overnighted if necessary. As a perk for bringing me in early, I always offer a couple of hours at the rehearsal to get to know the immediate crowd and to check out the venue as much as possible.

Your professional photographers will no doubt talk to you about all of these things in the planning sessions… if they don’t, you’d better do the asking or risk having things go sideways.

Happy to tell you what I know, ok?
Jamie Bosworth Photographer

Sun Shining Through the Clouds

heavenly-light-destination-beach-wedding-paul-rich-studio The weather forecast leading up to this destination wedding outside of Astoria, OR was 100% chance of rain.

That pretty much takes the guesswork out of predicting the weather for the day.  Or does it?

Moments before Meagen & Rick’s wedding ceremony began, the clouds began to part.  The sun shining through the clouds created the perfect prelude to the couple’s wedding ceremony on the beach.  It could not have been scripted more perfectly.

While the image does not represent a classic wedding photograph, it does document an incredibly unique moment that occurred on the couple’s wedding day.  The weather played such a major factor in the day, that I know Meagen & Rick will look back on this image and smile.  Against all odds, the sun came out on their wedding day in a very dramatic fashion.

It is telling moments like these that I like to infuse into the coverage we provide our couples.  It tells a more complete and well-rounded story of the day.

Sun shining through the clouds like this is truly unique, but so are many of the moments that occur on the wedding day.  It would be a shame to miss any of them.

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Family Wedding Formals

portland-wedding-rose-garden-rebekah-johnson-photographer It was a hot day in August at the Portland Rose test Gardens when Robie and Miles sealed the deal in the, thank goodness, partially shaded Shakespeare Garden. We were keeping the family portraits rolling along in an easy breezy informal manor. Their sweet daughter wasn’t having any of it, being held in her parents arms was just too hot. And even if it isn’t hot, or the clothes too uncomfortable; kids often squirm during the formals.

When I shoot these portraits I remind everybody to try to look at the camera instead of the cranky baby or obstreperous first grader. Just stop fussing over them, smile and I’ll get the picture when the kid stops crying, squirming, puts their tongue back in their mouth etc etc. In the case of this young lady, she was just trying to find a comfortable position, and when she found it, I to the shot.

Rebekah Johnson Photography. With Love and Patience.

Wedding Portraits

portland_oregon_wedding_photography-mpp040714-bw-wedding-portrait1 When someone says the words “wedding portraits”, it conjures up the vision of a bride and groom standing in a row with their families or their wedding party, looking into the camera. But there are many kinds of portraits. A portrait that’s captured more candidly can sometimes offer extra information in the foreground or background that helps tell you about more about the subject or the location. Even set up portraits that don’t fall into the category of a “line ‘em up” style may contain elements that tell you more than just a plain backdrop. But the key to a great portrait is the what you can read from the subject(s) facial expression. The anticipation of what’s to come on Aurielle’s beautiful face in this portrait lets the viewer know there is something she is excited and maybe even a little nervous. But there is also a content and happy energy that is contained in the look she holds. I’ve been asked many times why I shoot more than a couple of pictures whens shooting portraits. The answer is because I am always looking and waiting for that perfect expresion that captures the mood of the moment. If you want to see more portraits that give you more than just a simple record of what people look like, check out Thanks!

Hoyt Arboretum Wedding Photos

hoyt arboretum wedding by turn loose the art

Spring is here! I know it’s been raining like crazy and it’s hard to get out and enjoy the beautiful season, so we’re so glad Christa and Chris chose a Hoyt Arboretum wedding location for their elopement portraits before moving on to the courthouse for their vows. We even enjoyed a few small moments of sun for some of their wedding photographs! Hoyt is always a popular Portland wedding venue, and the rest of Chris and Christa’s photos include some of the scenery and vistas that prove why.

They chose to hire us just for their Hoyt Arboretum wedding portraits and enjoy a simple ceremony and lunch later in the day. We took some time to walk some of the trails near the Visitor’s Center at Hoyt and enjoy the budding trees as background elements in their wedding photographs. Elopement portraits are the best of both worlds if you’re considering a small wedding or on a smaller budget as you still get beautiful couple portraits of your wedding day without the time investment a traditional wedding requires.

We offer special elopement coverage for elopements and for small weddings on weekdays. If you’re interested in having fine photographs from Portland Wedding Photographers Turn Loose the Art, please ask about your elopement photos today!