I love the look of an “Old World Wedding”, which is what I think many of us think of when we see weddings photographed for instance in Europe with cobblestone streets and old architecture. However there are places all over that hold a comparable look and feel and allow you to capture some of those elements in part. There is a timeless quality and interesting juxtaposition with the formality of a wedding that I find very alluring.

This image was captured at Lewis and Clark College

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A Familiar Face-Jamie-Bosworth-Photographer

In the mirror is a familiar face… the bluejeans are crumpled in the corner and you are feeling the slight edge of the veil on your bare shoulders. It’s been a long time in the planning mode but here you are… dressed and polished to a high point you don’t quite recognize. And, yet, it’s you all along. Familiar is about to change for you and your other half in so many ways… it will take some time but you will see the differences as the years go by. The two of you become more of a team than you ever thought possible… if you are lucky, it only gets better. Old, comfortable familiar becomes new and better familiar and life goes on.

Today, though, is the day to look in the mirror, before the ceremony and all of the people descend on you and see just who you are about to become. It can be quite magical. ;0)

Lauren married Dustin on a warm September evening in Abigail’s Garden at Oregon City’s Abernethy Center. Geranium Lake Flowers staged a fantasy night flavored with Harry Potter references and the night went on for many lovely hours. What I know is that the planning paid off and these two are off on their new journey… new worlds are ahead.

Jamie Bosworth Photographer


There are so many different ways to photograph a newlywed couple on their wedding day. There are traditional poses that consist of couples embracing, glancing toward the camera, or even looking into each other’s eyes. There are the more romantic poses where couples kiss or use their hands to make a heart shape. There are the more creative poses where a couple may look off into the distance and there are the completely un-posed candid moments when a couple isn’t even aware they are being photographed.

The task of the wedding photographer is to take these various looks and poses, infuse them with his or her own style, and create a collection of wedding day portraits.

When photographing couples on their wedding day, I like to capture a nice mixture of styles in portraits while incorporating some of the unique features of the venue. The set of vintage fuel pumps with their bold striking color immediately caught my eye. I knew I wanted to capture a portrait of the couple standing alongside them but I also wanted to create an image that referenced both the present day as well as a time period long ago. Their pose is edgy and modern but also references the early days of photography when subjects stared defiantly toward the camera. This creative play between the couple, their environment, and their interaction with me as their wedding photographer is what I seek every time I document a wedding.

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Langdon Farms Wedding

Langdon Farms is one of my favorite venues in the Portland area.  It’s a beautiful space, from the Red Shed to the ceremony lawn, and from the birch path to the greens.  There are multiple barns and a gorgeous pond that perfectly reflects the sunset.  I can’t ever run out of options for great places to take photos, and the weather makes everything radically different.

This image is from Sofie and Derek’s August wedding.  Sofie is fantastic–her taste in color and detail is excellent.  I love her flowers, her dress, and the beautiful shade of blue she put her bridesmaids in.  They all look so marvelous on this sunny afternoon on the birch path, all jaunty in their pretty dresses and tan wedges.  Later, she and Derek went out with me at sunset to explore the golf greens, and we stopped by the weeping willow and pond.  They danced the night away in the Red Shed under a beautiful moon.

If you’re looking for a pretty country club setting with marvelous surroundings for your wedding, I highly recommend this place.  It’s a glorious little piece of Oregon countryside.

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Once a couple decides to get married and have a wedding, the process of planning what that day is going to look like begins. Among the things that are not in short supply are options, information and advice. Weddings can be held indoors or outdoors. They can be at venues built specifically for weddings or venues that serve other purposes but are transformed for that special day. There are decisions about clothing styles and colors, about food, wine, beer, flowers and music. The list is endless. And, while there are great professionals that can help with every aspect of planning a wedding, sometimes it’s the advice you get on the day of your wedding that rings loudest and stays with you the longest. And that is the advice you get from your “elders” – parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and the like. It’s not the type of advice that informs you about what color your napkins should be or whether your dinner should be buffet style or a more formal sit down type. It’s life advice that comes from those with experience and wisdom. In the moment captured here, Katrina was getting some great and heartfelt advice from her grandmother – the type that brought tears to her eyes. Ian and Katrina had a beautiful wedding at the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center. While everything was beautiful and the day went as planned, the best advice she got might well have been from those few minutes spent talking with her grandmother. To see more moments built on the shoulders of good advice, check out

Gay Portland Portland Brides sign license Firehouse Restaurant

Audrey and Allison thought that they would have have to scoot up to Washington State to do a quickie Justice of the Peace wedding to make it legal before their planned wedding celebration in August of this year. Luckily, the powers that be in Oregon prevailed by over ruling a ban on gay marriage (Unconstitutional!- Bitches!)  just in time so there was no need to cross the border. They were married at an intimate ceremony amongst family and friends at The Firehouse Restaurant in NE Portland followed by a fabulous family style feast. Afterwards they treated their mostly out of town guests to a better view of Portland via a tour on a fully loaded double decker bus bound for the Chinese Gardens, The Esplanade, Penninsula Park, and of course, Voodoo Doughnuts (where the magic’s in the hole ; )

Thanks for having me along! Oh, and the pictures are great!

Hair and make-up by Coreene Collins

autumn wedding portraits in rural oregon

Holly first contacted us and let us know they were having a simple wedding in the backyard of family, they were devoting a large chunk of their wedding budget to photography, and they were planning their entire wedding day around light. I was at a photography retreat when I first read the email and thought maybe one of our prank-loving photographer friends was messing with us, because it seemed a bit too good to be true. Intimate weddings on family property, sunset wedding ceremonies and golden hour wedding portraits – these are the things photographers love. Autumn wedding portraits in particular are so spectacular with that almost too-warm glow of light wrapping around the couple entirely.

Well as you might guess, it wasn’t at all a joke. Holly and Stephen are real people. And they’re awesome! They really did plan their day around the light. They played the perfect team with us, driving around rural Forest Grove to make a collection of show-stopping sunset portraits. We did a bit of scouting early in the day and made a few lighting predictions and Stephen and Holly trusted us completely. They collaborated with us to create something wonderful. If you’d like to see few more photos from their day, hop on over to the blog feature on them we just yesterday released.

Winter Engagement Portraits Deyla Huss Photography

Kelli & Matt wanted to get their save the dates out so they opted for their engagement session on one of the coldest days this year so far.

Deyla Huss Photography

These two cuties didn’t mind the very crisp cold windy afternoon, they made it work out just fine;)They came up from Seattle and so we had this date set for their engagement portraits, so when it came to the day, we were in for a chilly day of snuggles! They brought a couple of changes of outfits and a big warm blanket but as you may notice their outfits in this photo were not going to keep them warm for long! the winds were very high that day so I decided to get them closer to the ground to “hide” from it a bit and they naturally just cuddled up and took in their moment! After a few shots, it was time to get their winter coats on before getting frost bite, HA!

If you are planning a winter engagement session, I totally recommend it, more excuses to get REALLY close and keep each other warm!


Deyla Huss Photography

Ceremony at Bridal Veil Lakes in the Columbia Gorge

Ceremony at Bridal Veil Lakes in the Columbia Gorge

Annie & Michael had a beautiful wedding at one of our favorite locations, Bridal Veil Lakes in the Columbia River Gorge. We always make sure to capture the ceremony from different angles, and especially one from a distance that shows the entirety of the wedding. It’s hard to beat a view like this. To see more from this wedding, click here for a sneak peek album.

Stacey and Shaun steal a moment on their wedding night outside Urban Studio, Portland, OR © juliana patrick photography - all rights reserved

Stacey and Shaun steal a moment on their wedding night outside Urban Studio, Portland, OR
© juliana patrick photography – all rights reserved

Winter Weddings

The summers are a crazy time for weddings. All summer long couples are sharing vows, and starting their lives together… but what about the winter? Is the winter, especially here in Portland a nice time to have your wedding? Well, we have to look at a few personality traits and interests to see if the winter time would fit! If the worst thing you could imagine on your wedding day is rain… then no, the winter is already exposed as a bad choice for your wedding! Maybe you’re the kind of bride and groom that don’t mind the rain! As a matter of fact, maybe you find something special about the rain and feel connected to it in some way… maybe you wouldn’t care if you got a little wet in your dress… and the idea of darting through the city or gliding through the countryside, nuzzling beneath the beautiful filtered light of custom umbrellas with your new second half excites you! Hmmmm, maybe you are a candidate for a winter celebration!

But hey, the winter isn’t all about the rain! Maybe your relationship moved to the next level while exploring the snow covered landscapes of a beautiful mountain range! Maybe your greatest excitement comes from feeling the cold, ice covered seat of the first chair lifting you up to the fresh powder covered steeps that you love to share! First tracks! If this is you, get married in the snow, in the middle of the winter! Anyway, If you live in the Pacific Northwest, the winter time is a better time to fly to Paradise for an anniversary!

Things to think about are the light and your time line! There is not as much light in the winter… this is not news to you! Dark by 4:00 to 4:30pm can seem intimidating, especially when you need to en cooperate a timeline and make sure you have all that you deserve from your wedding day! This will be absolutely no problem with proper planning! Getting dark early yields a great opportunity for stunning imagery! Dark is dramatic. Dark is cozy. Dark is an opportunity to place light just where you want it!

Plan for the highest probability weather. Summer weddings have a rainy day plan… even if it says that there is a 0% chance for rain. Winter weddings should approach the day and keep a sunny day plan available…

When planning the best time to share your wedding celebration, search your interests. Spend time with the thought of a winter wedding and see how it makes you feel. Just realize that weather it rains, shines or snows on your day, it will be perfect! The celebration is not about the weather, it is about your love and commitment. If you Laugh and dance in the rain, so will all your guests!

This is a picture of Stacey and Shaun during their winter wedding in the Pearl at Urban Studio! It was about 15 degrees and these two didn’t bat an eye. I on the other hand was sweaty and only in a dress shirt and a tie and had to focus on shooting so i didn’t feel like I was freezing! It was a blast!

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McMenamins Edgefield Wedding

A funny moment at The Blackberry Hall at McMenamins Edgefield!

McMenamins Edgefield is a favorite spot for alternative and fun minded couples! Almost always the couples have something quirky, or fun, or unusual idea that they bring to their wedding. This one was no different. Jill, the bride, is actually one of the talented artists that does the whimsical artwork at McMenamins venues. I love it when couples add a little spice to tradition, and in this case, it came in the shape of a chicken. Instead of a garter belt, she was wearing a, well, chicken. Not even sure how that all worked out, but the end result was hilarious and Jill got a great laugh at the Blackberry Hall. By the way, that is a full cardboard replica of her brother at the back, who is serving overseas and could not make it to the wedding and you can also see a dj who really loves Bono in the background.

Please check out our other McMenamins Edgefield Weddings, and let us know your favorites!

Engagement Sessions

It is mid-December and officially engagement season! When you and your significant other decide you’re going to tie the knot, don’t be afraid to ask your photographer about engagement sessions! Contrary to what many people think, engagement sessions aren’t for people who feel the best in front of the camera, but rather, they’re for the rest of us who need some time to warm up and get comfortable in front of the lens. Engagement sessions give you and your partner a solid chunk of time (usually 1.5-2 hours) to learn what it’s like to be in front of the camera, to start to claim that space as your own, and to alleviate camera anxiety on the day of the wedding. It also leaves you with some really lovely portraits of you and your honey to hang around the house. (Tip: many photographers allow outfit changes during portrait sessions so your portraits give the impression of being taken on different days. Don’t be afraid to ask if this interests you!).

Contrary to what many people think, the late fall, winter and early spring months in the Pacific Northwest can be gorgeous for portraits. Because the sun sits crosses at such a low angle in the sky, even midday sunshiny portraits can turn out soft and beautiful. I wholeheartedly recommend taking advantage of the beautiful light during these months. Your photographer will thank you for it.

For some engagement session eye-candy and ideas for your own engagement session, hop on over to our e-sessions page. In the meantime, have a festive holiday season!

Mhari Scott | Weddings for the Creative Soul

A groom stands at the window while he talks on his phone before his wedding day

Getting ready for a wedding plays out in various ways for the groom.  Sometimes there is a hub of friends and family causing noise and ruckus, but there are many guys who enjoy a more calm approach.  Your personality should guide these experiences as much as it would for the ceremony and reception.

We are often asked for our professional opinion about how details should play out for the wedding.  The simple fact is that many variations will work well.  In the process of giving advice and shaping the experience of the wedding day, we always attempt to ground it in understanding you as a person.

We would be honored to experience your wedding day alongside you and capture your experience through Photo + Cinema.  Set up a time with us to chat more!