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Have you ever wondered the origin of the wedding bouquet? well I did a little research on the subject a while back as I was curious how this all started.   They didn’t start looking like the gorgeous bouquets you see now such as this classic wedding bouquet designed by Forté Floral . Nope! in some cultures, there were some really different traditions behind the wedding bouquet such as women use to carry herbs and bunches of garlic to ward off evil spirits, another custom was to carry a lot of greens such as thistle, ivy, etc symbolizing fertility and hope.  Flowers had different meanings to determine secret messengers for their soon to be spouses.

The wedding bouquet today to me seems to be full of everything, and whether it means something special to you or simply because it looks gorgeous, its still a custom that keeps on going, a custom that is beautiful.


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wedding with karaoke at northwest children

So, we need to talk about the Peep in the room. And that is, we can finally say we’ve seen it all. Last weekend we photographed a lovely wedding for John and Paul and before I spend the next half hour waxing poetic about it, I’ll say hop on over to our blog for the rest of their sneak peek. The very short summary is that John works for Northwest Children’s Theater, and that is where they started their wedding. After a show in which John and Paul opened with a dance act, they left the stage open for karoake. (Yes! Karaoke at a wedding!)

And now comes the Peep. Their friend Kevin covered “I’m a Creep” for the guestlist and as you might imagine… he changed the lyrics. “I’m a Peep” was an incredible hit. I actually wiped tears of laughter from my eyes as I photographed. Paul’s mother was nearly rolling, laughing so hard. All visits to the snacks and drink station in the back ceased immediately. Kevin’s lament about only being available at Easter was so perfect, so well done. And we can now, we’ve seen it all.

It’ll take a lot to top this! Or to put it another way, I overheard the mother of one of John’s students say this, “My poor kid. Boy is she in for a disappointment in the future! Now she thinks all karaoke will be great like this!”

While the bride was getting ready in one of the many eclectic rooms at McMenamins Edgefield, we snuck outside and found the groom standing in a bamboo forest, calmly gazing at his phone. Most likely, at this moment, Ashley was surrounded by several other girls, who were probably fussing over all the final touches. But Oryan was ready, as is evident in this photo that totally paints the picture of a modern day wedding detail. To see our favorite 14 wedding images of 2014, visit the blog post here. Also check out our website to see more or contact us.

Katherine and Cory and their wedding party have some pre wedding portrait fun © juliana patrick phtoography

Katherine and Cory chose a perfect and comfortable location for their pre-wedding portrait fun with the wedding party
© juliana patrick photography

Locations for Wedding Party Portraits

Finding the perfect location for your wedding party portraits can be tricky.  There is no doubt that we are all affected by our environment.  Have you considered your wedding day locations to ensure the environment suits you?

Katherine & Cory wanted to incorporate their family residence into their big day and it was a perfect location to do their first look and wedding party portraits.  Their entire wedding party was able to relax and have fun, which wasn’t hard considering their familiar environment –  An inviting pool, beautiful landscaping surrounded by a mature forest and a phenomenal tree house – all places that this crew enjoyed together before loading the party bus and heading off to the ceremony.

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Have a large wedding party and want to have fun on your wedding day?  Let’s talk!  Juliana Patrick Photography

Wedding at The AerieI love this sweet moment. Caity’s dad has just given her away to her soon-to-be husband, Alex, and Caity greets him with an expression brimming with all sorts of enthusiasm and excitement. It’s everything I would want this moment to look like and more, and looking at it makes me smile every time.

The Aerie at Eagle Landing was the location for this sweet summer wedding outside of Portland, OR. Situated above a rolling golf course, the Aerie has beautiful sweeping views, a landscaped patio and ceremony site, an indoor ballroom (in case of rain) and even a rustic private barbecue area for your rehearsal dinner, complete with bar and fire pit.

If you’re still in the market for a wedding venue and you want to look through more photos from Alex and Caity’s wedding at The Aerie, you can look through a sampling of their wedding coverage here.

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Waverly Country Club is such a beautiful and elegant wedding venue. Impeccable service, great food, amazing views, what more can you ask for from your wedding venue? Sarah and Tony were such a fun couple to work with, but I have to say, one of my favorite parts of the wedding was photographing these kids. These siblings had so much character, and they really enjoyed themselves at the wedding, which made it even more fun to photograph. I know that kids at weddings is a hotly debated subject – with some people okay with the concept, while others seriously oppose having them anywhere around. Photographing from a photo journalistic point of view though, I have to say that some of my favorite shots at weddings have been of kids doing their thing. You never know what’s going to happen when kids are around. And I always have fun with the kids.

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wedding-shoes-Allison-Hotel-davidbarssphotographer“It’s All About the Shoes”; well not really, but I have heard many brides say or allude to this. Everyone knows most girls love shoes and why not on one of the biggest celebrations of your life, get some really great shoes. I love when couples have fun with some of their wardrobe and pick some things they can have fun with and express their personality. These shoes were delicately hung on some artwork at the very cool Allison Hotel.

Enjoy your day and please stop by and check out more of my work at David Barss Photographer.

The dog leads the way for the engagement photos

When you are planning for your engagement photography, make sure you bring everyone along with you.  During this engagement session at the family farm, the couple brought their dogs.  Of course, we didn’t include the dogs in every photo, but it was fun to grab candid photographs of them roaming the landscape.

Our passion is for documenting, and capturing moments like these during engagement sessions. We would love to talk with you, contact us to schedule a consultation!


Little charmers like these two can totally make my day as a wedding photographer. I know some people think that a wedding is no place for children and if you happen to be doing a super stylish and grown-up sort of affair, then, ok. Luckily, in Oregon, there are lots of weddings that take place in a more relaxed and forgiving atmosphere… the little kids can be an organic addition to the party.

These two had a job to do… he with the rings and she with a basket of flowers. One of the best parts of any wedding with this age group is watching the rather random process of walking down the aisle to complete their tasks. Everyone turns to enjoy it!

I am about to design a wedding album for this wedding and I can’t wait to revisit these two and a really fine late summer wedding. ;0)

Children ask better questions than adults. “May I have a cookie?” “Why is the sky blue?” and “What does a cow say?” are far more likely to elicit a cheerful response than “Where’s your manuscript?” Why haven’t you called?” and “Who’s your lawyer?”
~Fran Lebowitz

Go ahead, invite the kids and have a great time!
Jamie Bosworth Photographer


When thinking about engagement sessions, couples most often consider location.  A typical conversation includes weighing the options of a photo session in a park setting or something more urban like downtown Portland.  And most couples hope to align with a nice bright sunny day.

Amy & Paul wanted to do something very different and capture their engagement photos during the evening.  They love Portland, especially at night.  Amy loves the look of twinkling lights in the background and wanted to make sure to capture the essence of Portland at night.

We began the session at PSU, the exact location where they originally met, and where Paul proposed to Amy.  We walked over to the Park Blocks and captured some images by the Portland Art Museum.  Then, as the sun began to set, a quick outfit change was in order as we hit some key locations throughout the Portland area.

Among our many stops, we made sure to visit the Portland Center for the Performing Arts, the iconic Portland sign on Broadway, and of course the Portland skyline from the east side.

Amy & Paul’s evening engagement session goes to show that pictures can happen at any hour of the day.  I love that they opted for something different and came away with images of the two of them enjoying each other and the city that they love so much at night.

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In the months prior to Ashley and Tony’s wedding at Timberlines’ Silcox Hut, we spoke about scheduling time for some outdoor photos. Our worst fear was rain or deep fog; we forgot about wind. Their warmed hearts and happy faces show no trace of the peircing pain of the ferocious freezing winds we were met with at the 7000 ft level of Mt. Hood. I am so grateful this intrepid couple was up for braving the elements for some sheer exhileration and some unforgetable photos.

All weather photographer Rebekah Johnson Photography

This picture is from a wedding I shot in Tampa, Florida – a place I had never been to before the day of the wedding. One of the things I love about shooting weddings in a place I’ve never been to before is how easy it is to see new things. The same principles apply when you go on vacation. Not only are you more aware of your surroundings because you are in a mental place that makes you take more in (vacation mode), but you are also more aware of what you are seeing because it’s all new. When you are at home, surrounded by things you see every day, you become less aware of them. For example, if you have front steps that lead up to your house, do you know how many steps there are? You might have counted them at one time but even though you walk up and down the every day you become oblivious to them. Same is true with weddings. When I get to shoot a wedding at a new venue – be it local or a destination wedding – I simply see more. And the key to taking great photographs is being able to see them, obviously. When I’m interviewing couples who might be interested in hiring me I often get asked if I’ve worked at the venue they’ve chosen for their wedding. When I say no, I often see disappointment. I explain to them the concept I’ve outlined above, but I’m not always sure people understand it. If not, there is one other way to realize this is an unimportant issue that should never be of a concern to a couple. Stop and think about the layout of most venues. One or two large conference rooms at a hotel or wedding-specific venue. It’s not like there is a difficult space that is hard to figure out very quickly. If you hire a great photographer, the first thing they should be able to do is adapt to whatever challenges are presented by the shoot. Managing a new environment is pretty close to first on that list.
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Just outside of Port Angeles in Washington, a beautiful lake sits surrounded by mountains and lush forest.  Gina and Brooks chose it for the site of their small, family-only wedding.  The Olympic Peninsula, a truly incredible corner of Washington, gave some of its best weather–incredible mist and clouds and baby sunbursts throughout the day.  I loved the low clouds as they crept along the forest line.

They stood together on the lake shore and said their vows to the sound of wind blowing across the water, trees creaking gently, clouds blowing above.  They danced together on the dock, music playing from an iPhone, surrounded by THIS–some of the most beautiful scenery in the Pacific Northwest.  They had an intimate dinner inside The Lake Crescent Lodge, and we went into the medieval, mossy forest for pictures.  It was an incredible day, and I’m so impressed by Gina and Brooks’ adventurous spirit.  Not everyone has memories like these.


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