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There are no rules when planning your wedding, you don’t have to do what has been done for years and years, But there is also something wonderful about tradition.  Seeing each other before the ceremony or not is a personal decision, but how ever you choose to layout your wedding day, it will be perfect either way. This sweet couple above chose to give us extra time for photos because photos are very important to them.  My second photographer got the groom in place and ready to see his wife for the first time and I came with the bride. Afterwards we had a very intimate portrait session for just the two of them for an hour.  They walked and talked and just enjoyed each other before the excitement of the day begins and their attention is on their guests. They truly enjoyed this time of the day and told me they were so glad they did it!

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Last weekend we shot Amy and Harry’s beautiful wedding at Villa Catalana Cellars in Oregon City. In the summer, this vineyard lends its space to the Rare Plant Research Nursery for special events, such as this one. One of our favorite parts of the evening: the newlywed’s unique choice of cake for their reception. It was a cheese cake. No, not cheesecake, but a three-tier cheese wheel (although it was also accompanied by traditional desserts). The caterer had to find a knife strong enough for the cake cutting. To see more of this wedding, visit Amy and Harry’s sneak peek photo album.

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Who said that only girls get to have fun on their wedding day?  I love it when guys get creative and have fun with their portraits too. The wedding day is as much about the groom as it is about the bride. I’m always looking forward to shooting portraits that have a story to them, and are not just posed pictures. And let’s face it, guys love the pool room. At the end of the day, you should have some fun pictures from your wedding also, something that reminds you of hanging out with your best buds.

This was such a classic and elegant wedding, absolutely beautiful to photograph. The Nines Hotel in downtown Portland never disappoints in giving a great backdrop for wedding portraits. It has so many unique nooks and crannies that we can shoot in, as well as a very friendly and accommodating staff. Let’s also not forget about Departure and Urban Farmer, conveniently located in the hotel.

To see more photos of weddings at the Nines, please visit my archives of The Nines Hotel in Portland.

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Shaina and David

Shaina and David’s First Dance at Pure Space, Portland, OR
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Shaina and David’s First Dance at Pure Space was really wonderful to watch.  Their rhythm and flow together was comfortable and fun.  I am not sure how many hours of practice they put in, but it was definitely worth it.  Something about watching people dance together draws me in.  I think it must have something to do with the non verbal communication, but when you see a couple that clicks together and are so smooth on  their feet, it is really satisfying to watch.  I started thinking about the meaning of a first dance at a wedding.  Whether fact or lore, I have read that the First Dance was a an old tradition that began when the kidnapper of a bride would show off his stolen love to fellow warriors in his tribe so they could see how successful his hunt was.  When this was completed, they would celebrate with a feast!  Also dating back to the 17th century the first dance was given to the guest of honor and once their dance was complete, the dance floor was open to all guests to signify the start of the ball.  In any case, today’s first dance gives couples a chance to spend a moment together to slow down and share each others energy.

Shaina and David shared their moment while dancing to a wonderful live band named Dancehall Days… a band I would highly recommend by the way!


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The aisle of a wedding ceremony with red flowers

A wedding celebration necessitates a multitude of decisions and opportunities for creativity.  Thinking through the details and décor is often months in the making and many brainstorming sessions.  If you are planning a wedding, take time to consider your ceremony and reception venues.  It is often possible to choose details that will really accent the locations you’ve chosen.  Try your best to set aside options that may be great, but won’t really work for your exact scenario.  Hold all the ideas you find in magazines and online very loosely until you can really determine that they are the perfect fit.

It will be readily apparent to your guests when you’ve planned details that show your personal tastes and highlight the surrounding venue.  We’ll have a ton of fun making creative wedding photographs on your wedding day.

Atelier Pictures is passionate about capturing these moments with photography and video.  We would love to talk with you about your wedding.  Contact us to schedule a consultation!

Brides and grooms spend thoughtful time selecting attire for the day of the wedding along with other embellishments whether it be jewelry or cufflinks or something else. These can be fun details to document for couples and look for creative ways to do so. Often a bride would like a photo of her dress hanging, but why not right next to the groom’s attire for the day.

Have fun and enjoy your day.

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Imagine inventing your wedding as you run through the hills of Portland! That’s exactly what Jen and Mike did and it was a very special celebration. Every day that they run, they take the tram up from the South waterfront near their home and connect with the trail at the top. As the summer evolved, they kept me in the loop, adding bits of their story to our photo plans. On the big day, I walked with the ladies to the tram and we rode up in excited secrecy… he wouldn’t see her until she walked down the aisle. Getting off the tram, we could see the ceremony site below on the beautiful deck at OHSU. Her brother proudly walked her down the stairs and up through the smiling crowd to Mike. Imagine Mt. Hood in the smokey distance and the whole city going on about it’s normal affairs while these two, high on the hill, promised each other forever.

Later this year, they will go to Paris for their honeymoon… I imagine them up in the Eiffel Tower remembering this day. ;0)

Weddings are wonderful!
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The Jenkins Estate is the perfect blend of everything I love about the Northwest.  The tall trees, lush greenery, and beautiful light make this rustic setting an incredible location for a wedding. The venue is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and is situated amongst 68 acres of lush gardens and breathtaking views.  The Tualatin Hills Parks & Recreation District formed a partnership with Elephants Catering to manage and cater all events held at the estate.

Following the wedding ceremony, we had the opportunity to stroll the grounds and capture a handful of portraits of Sami and Brian as newlyweds.

If you are looking for a wedding venue that captures the essence of the Northwest, make sure to check out the Jenkins Estate.  We have the opportunity to photograph at many wedding venues throughout the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA areas and this one is among our favorites.

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Many times at weddings I see the flowers left behind, especially if the the bride and groom are off to a honeymoon and won’t be around to enjoy them. Sometimes at the last minute they encourage guests to take a table setting home with them. Who doesn’t love flowers? I like this idea of making the flowers that adorn your wedding a take home keepsake for guests.  Pictured here are a few of the several dozen arrangements large and small that guests were able to choose from. Something for everybody!

Rebekah Johnson Photography

Ever since Kyndell was a little girl, she had a vision of what her wedding would look like. It involved her closest friends, a man she loved and a outside dinner reception under the stars. That dream turned into reality this past Saturday night in Lake Oswego. At the home of her groom’s best friend from childhood, she said “I do” in front of a small collection of their longest, closest friends. The wedding in the field was followed by a cocktail party and reception under a clear, comfortable Oregon September night. From a technical perspective, any time any part of a wedding is held outside at night, the issue for photography is having enough light. In this case, the only light available came from the candles and the small lights strung above the table. This photo was shot early in the dinner when full darkness had not yet set in so there was a little bit of light from the sky as dusk set in. It was also under a stand of trees which made the available light a lot less available. But years of experience and the right gear made shooting in these conditions a breeze. When I meet with a bride and groom to discuss their wedding photography, we always talk about what time the wedding will start and if light will be an issue. If you aren’t tied down to having a wedding at a certain time, it’s always best to consult your photographer to make sure you maximize the light and have things start when they are bathed in beautiful, soft light, later in the day. One other thing I always recommend is checking to make sure that the photographer you are considering hiring shows you pictures that are shot at weddings under similar lighting conditions to what you will have at your wedding. It’s a lot easier to shoot pictures during the day, outside. The challenge occurs when the sun goes down and the light disappears. If you are having a wedding where any or all of it will take place at night, make sure you hire a photographer who has proof they know what to do when the sun goes down. To see more pictures of weddings – both at day and at night – check out


If you choose to get married outside or have your reception outside, consider spoiling yourself and your guests with a beautiful location.  The Portland area is so full of amazing places, even within two hours.  Wineries, beaches, bed and breakfasts, hotels with outdoor spaces, venues with epic mountain views, parks, farms… the list is endless.  I love it when couples choose something that represents a part of their relationship together, too–a park where they went on a first date, The Gorge because they love to go on adventures, a family beach house, a family farm, somewhere with a view of Mt. Hood because they climb together, a winery they love to visit.  It adds so much for them and the guests, especially if people are coming from far and wide to visit the wedding.  It also makes for photographs that you’ll love even more, because they’re yet more personal.  Go look, go adventure, go tour beautiful venues–there are so many to choose from with so many different assets.  I think you’ll find something you’ll absolutely adore, and remember for a lifetime.

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aerie at eagle landing wedding photos

So you probably poured a lot of time into that whole wedding planning thing, amiright? Yeah, I already know I am. The thing is, all that planning will be over one day. And you’ll be married. Because the wedding is only the beginning. Nick and Renee already know this – they’ve already been married a year and had their wedding reception on their one-year anniversary. So they’ve already gone through that year the books say is the hardest. And they’ve already planned the wedding. And now it looks like they’re walking off towards the future together.

There’s a lot of stuff at weddings. A lot of time invested in choices over colors and flowers and linens. Even if you’re a hands off kind of planner, you still had to make decisions about what to eat and drink – or even what NOT to eat and drink. But these are only the first of many, many decisions you’ll make together!

Spend some time together at your wedding. Hold hands. Because this isn’t the most important day of your life. It’s just a start.

Oh – and if you want to see more images from the wedding reception of an already married couple? Hop on over to our blog to see Nick and Renee’s wedding in The Cave. Their Aerie at Eagle Landing wedding photos show a relaxed, intimate affair.

Portland Asian Weddings

Portland Asian Weddings

American weddings are full of traditions, but what I love about being a Portland wedding photographer is that I get to visit places and see traditions from other cultures that I would not otherwise get to see. I shoot a lot of Asian weddings. Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, etc, etc. And I love them. It gives me a peek into a culture that is so very different from a typical American event. Sure there are many things similar during the day, but I love the little things. The Tea Ceremony for example. I also love how there are many different dresses worn throughout the day, each with its own meaning. This was just one of four dresses worn last weekend by Vivi.

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