Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer 503.513.0550

Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer

We mentioned in a previous post that we may have seen our favorite wedding location of the summer, and here is a view of it. This was not a venue, but the back yard of the bride’s parents, who spent a year planning and landscaping for their daughter’s wedding. The terraced ceremony site laid in the midst of tall trees, with a green, grassy aisle running down the center, and a giant, peach-tone, curtain backdrop hung between two trees. We really could not get over how beautiful this place was. If you’d like to see more images from this lovely wedding, visit the sneak peek album on Facebook here.

Tracy and Jill enjoy laughs on a beautiful summer day, just 1 month from their wedding date. ©juliana patrick photography                                  Juliana Patrick Photography      -      -      503.318.5160

Tracy and Jill enjoy laughs on a beautiful summer day at the South Waterfront in Portland, Oregon. ©juliana patrick photography
Juliana Patrick Photography – – 503.318.5160

When You Have Found “The One”

When you have found “The One”, you life changes forever.  I know mine certainly did.  I will never forget the moment I saw Ryan and I just knew he was the one…and that was before I even talked to him! The Universe had spoken as if there is some order and sense to it…and perhaps there is.

This is Tracy & Jill.  They were introduced through mutual friends and are ready to say their “I Do’s” next month at the beautiful Zenith Vineyard.  She is the Yin to his Yang and they seem to compliment each other beautifully.  We can’t wait to capture more spontaneous and candid moments of their big day.

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Flower Child ParadeLast week, we posted about a flower girl overcome with enthusiasm in the middle of a wedding ceremony. This week, we’re posting a photo of a recent wedding’s flower child parade. The bride in this ceremony had worked with children for all of her professional life. As a result, all of the children who attended her wedding had a strong connection with her in one way or another. Rather than choosing one of them to be a flower girl or ring bearer for her wedding, she chose all of them to be in a flower child parade. They were all given paper hearts to scatter along the grass as they paraded down the aisle together. It was an organic, beautifully disorganized parade, with each moment carrying a different character, a different child glowing in the foreground.

Soon, this image and more will be on our blog. Stop on by!

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Cupcakes, a paradise of cupcakes was presented at this August wedding. Instead of being safely out of reach on a table, this tower of sugar was set on the stage at the Jupiter Hotel and it didn’t take long for the short ones to figure out how easy the pickings were going to be.

The young man in the middle wasn’t eating them so much as inhaling them… his stack of wrappers was getting pretty high. The younger man on the right seemed to be more discerning, eyeing his next choice while thoughtfully finishing the previous cupcake. I didn’t get to stay to watch the delighted little girl, my duties called me elsewhere, but she had the enthusiasm needed to join the boys in the carnage. I wonder if any of the grownups got a chance? ;0)

If you have a heaven of cupcakes in your plans, Portland has some great bakeries… check these out:
Saint Cupcake

Cupcake Jones

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Wanda & Paul are a lovely couple who recently exchanged their wedding vows at the Heathman Hotel in downtown Portland.  Following their wedding ceremony, we captured a number of portraits of the couple throughout the lobby area.  This image is among my favorites.  The deep blues of Paul’s suit and Wanda’s wedding dress are complimented by the colors in the carpet leading up the stairs.  These cool tones are contrasted by the warm rich tones of the wood and ambient light in the background.  The tones, the colors, and the warmth of their smiles all come together to make a wonderful portrait of these newlyweds.

So often in the Pacific Northwest, we see wedding images that capture the beautiful outdoors.  However, there are an equal amount of beautiful indoor locations as well.  For indoor locations like the Heathman Hotel, where the levels of illumination are very low, it is extremely important to hire a wedding photographer who is skilled and competent in their craft.  Balancing the use of flash and using it in such a way that appears natural and flattering to the eye is key.

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Creating something fun with sparklers is a great way to do a thank-you card after a wedding, and a fabulous late activity for a bridal party.  I love it when we get a chance to spell “thank you”, “love” or the couples’ names.  It’s a fab way to integrate some long-exposure magic into your wedding photos.



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Portland-Oregon-Wedding-Photography   MPP083115 copyThere is something special about real wedding moments captured without the knowledge of the subject or subjects. Sadly, however, we are becoming a society that has been programed to believe that staged moments are real moments. Whether it’s “reality” television or “real” weddings being passed off as true moments, there has been great damage done to the idea of wedding photojournalism. The concept of wedding photojournalism grew from the thought that wedding pictures didn’t need to be staged, as they had been for years. There are so many real moments at all weddings that to create fake photos simply cheapens the honest feelings and interrupts the expression of true love. Unfortunately, the world of wedding photography seems to have come full circle with what I like to call “toppers”. Toppers are photographers who either aren’t skilled enough to capture reality when it happens in front of them or unable to see it when it occurs and are compelled to create a photo that tops the last one they saw by being more dramatic, more colorful or more sensational – as if that makes up for telling real stories. As a result, what floods the marketplace of photos are over-the-top visuals that neither capture honest emotions or depict real events in logical places. Next time you look through the portfolio of a wedding photographer, ask yourself if the pictures you are seeing seem like they make sense. Would a person really do that or, even, is this a logical place to find a bride and a groom or a bride and a bride or a groom and a groom? The worst offenders of creating fake wedding photos are the photographers who are so bad at capturing reality that they actually create a fake wedding – often called “stylized” or “model shots” or “inspirational shoots”. Believe it or not, they gather together friends and other vendors – who evidently are so not busy that they have time to create fantastical fantasy – and stage scenes from a “wedding” so that they may have “real” wedding photos to show. This is a trend that makes me ill, to be honest. And it’s one that I don’t understand. Maybe the reason some wedding photographers make stuff up is because they aren’t able to capture real moments that are also graphically pleasing. While it’s possible – and often easy – to capture true moments that are graphically strong, there’s nothing wrong with images that tell a story but aren’t constructed like the Mona Lisa. I’d rather have a collection of real, story telling pictures from an event, than a bunch of fake ones that look beautiful but tell me nothing about the honest love and emotion of the subjects. Unfortunately, our world seems to be going in the other direction. So, when looking through a portfolio of a wedding photographer, and some images seem like they just can’t be real, they probably aren’t. Don’t be shy about asking how a photographer captured a certain image or images. If they start with “well, I had this idea…” then it’s probably time to look somewhere else. If you like this photo, check out more at


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Oh those boys… While the ladies are getting their formals taken, the boys decide to take a few selfies and of course I take a photo of them taking a photo, Why not right? I love it! BTW don’t you love those leather  suspenders, these southern boys brought on their southern charm for this wedding for sure! Looking forward to sharing more soon on the blog.

Cheers! and hay Friday Y’all!

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Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer 503.513.0550

Photography by Portland Oregon Photographer Craig MItchelldyer

Jake and Christa had an awesomely unique wedding day. It was held entirely on the grounds of the K-12 school they both attended, which was beautiful, peaceful, and tucked into the trees. If you didn’t already guess, our bride and groom are both athletically-inclined individuals. We loved the all sporty activities they worked into their wedding day, such as bean bag toss and kicking around soccer balls in the open, grassy reception space. They even wanted to have a quick race on the track right before the nuptials – so fun. To see more photos from this wedding, visit the sneak peek album here.

© juliana patrick photography

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An Airstream Honeymoon!  Such a fun way to start a life of adventuring together!

This image is of Jeanne & Bryan at the end of their reception at Willows Lodge in Woodinville, WA.  Who knew that Airstream Honeymoons were becoming so popular?  Airstream even has a wedding page on their website dedicated to different ways to use your Airstream in your festivities.  I know if we had one, it would be a traveling photo studio!  Customized to your likings, they are so cool!

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